Friday, April 16, 2010

Spanish moss

Aristoteles Allen

I admit to perving on alternative/skater/gothic/hippie type boys. Early indoctrination, I tell you. I used to sit at the edge of school grounds and stare longingly at the skater boys with their baggy shorts and a-line bob cuts, moving with their board as if it was a part of their bodies. I wanted to hunt them down and … and BE them, but instead I was such a good little girl. Therefore, I admire Aris here for his scruffiness. It's tough to look slightly grimy in Second Life, and he's done it with a combination of low-slung pants and unshaven face and chest hair. (Damn, chest hair! A story. Once I went on a search for chest hair with a pal of mine, and most of it looked like a strange creeping skin disease. This looks nice, though.) So yes, another kind of shirtless male sexiness for the gallery.

Who's next? ;)


***Hair: [CheerNo] Hair ROMEU.2 [Brown]
***Skin: [CheerNo] Teseu_Tan_Beard#1.Shaved
***Shorts: AMERIE M - Loose pants_Blue
***Eyes: .:Hermony:. Eyes - Stone
***Boots: [CheerNo] YAJI Boots High/Black

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Shelby Rasmuson said...

I can imagine girls pulling out the wax pot when he's sleeping...