Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoot me

Faina Cortes

I love this woman so much. When she mentioned that she had a pretty boy alt that I could photograph, I wasn't sure what to expect…and then she showed up with gun tattoos on her arms. "What else should I wear?" She asked me. "Well, guns, of course!"

Faina Cortes is an amazing visual artist who always challenges my assumptions about gender and sexuality. Her in-world and real-life art shows women revelling in and mocking sexuality both at once, graphic and gorgeous and … uh, glistening. When I saw her first art installation it blew my mind, and you can see some of her work here on her Flickr stream.

She continues to challenge my assumptions here in these photos… Such a pretty boy with such big guns!


***Eyes : <<< np >>>/ Glass eyes - Ghost
***Hair : no.07 :: /Hair :: Street Glam - Black D
***Belt: Fet!sh /- Grenadier Belt - Red
***Pants : AMERIE /M - Loose pants_Black
***Socks: Emery /- Socks Orchid Club #Black
***Boots : / [Black]Grunge_Boots
***Tattoo : *BOOM* /Gun Show


Abby said...

Yay for FainO <3

Adam P. Knave said...

I really wish I could get SL to run on my machine without crashing. I need to try again.

Kitt Ragu said...

Hello achariya

Your hair is cool
Do you have LM of no.07?