Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recidivist in his inked skin

Recidivist Sideways

I dig how dressed some men can be without their shirts on. Recidivist here is attached to the gills with jools and gloves and boots and hat and beard and stuff, and the shirtlessness seems like it's just part of the outfit. He's not actually wearing a tattoo, either -- that's his skin, made by his partner Munchflower. The aspect of his avatar look that really stands out to me is his beard. Prim beard, how rare is that? I approve, though, because it makes his avatar a unique and special snowflake. So who's next? Mr. Sprocket, wherever you are. Get your look together. ;)


***Hair: Rowe, by Philotic Energy (Color: Teaparty LE Hunty Gift)
***Skin: Custom, by Nomine
***Eyes & Blind Left Contact: Custom, by Nomine
***Earring: Bone Collector Set, by Nomine
***Goatee: Leon, by Discord Designs (Color: Midnight)
***Necklace: Custom, by Nomine
***Right Bracelet: Chorus Bracelet, by BLITZED (Color: Grey)
***Left Bracelet: Custom human bone mala, by Nomine
***Belt: Belt 10, by NC (Color: Black)
***Pants: Rusted Set 2, by Nomine (Color: Brown)
***Boots: NAU Combat Boots, by Abyss (Foot Part only)