Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pink shirt(less) day

Lucius Godard

Happy Pink Shirt(less) day! Lucius was kind enough to go pink for my series, even if it isn't precisely on his torso. What do I have to say about bullying? I think it's insidious and difficult to identify right at first… What's the difference between two people bitching about a third and two people bullying a third? I'm not sure, and -- mea culpa -- I know I've been guilty of the former.

I think our actions cross the line into bullying when harsh words are exchanged that make the third person feel belittled, and yes, I've sometimes been guilty of that too, although I've most often been on the other side of the fence. A day like today is a good reality check; stop and ponder what you're doing every time you cut someone down… Are you getting more than one friend to dislike someone, for whatever reason? Then you're bullying, even if you feel that your intentions are noble. Thanks to everyone for the chance to reflect upon myself today.


***skin: eito-pale-/06 insomnia
***eyes: madesigns naturals - true blue eyes
***hair: je*republic - claudia - light pink
***shoes: hoc apparel - hocs lowtops tied on left and alternate tied on right (tintable)
***waist bag: arai
***pants: ninikoboy sweatpants red
***rings: my cross ring and my cheri ring
***bangles: my cheri bangle
***shape: home made.


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Where's your tattoo from it's awesome! Do you have surl link? Thx!

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