Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mr. Singh sans shirt

"Berry" Singh

Last night I went to see Nur Moo's art installation opening. I looked around and realized how international SL can be, and enjoyed the welter of languages. It was a very Snowcrash moment for me, which is perhaps the point of a formless virtual world, right? Before and after this installation, I got to photograph two gorgeous girls. The first, Strawberry Singh, is featured here. Berry's boy avatar is so smokin' hawt that he probably models underpants somewhere, for exhorbitant rates, and made me ponder that girls really make some amazing boy avatars…

Then, I had an interesting conversation with Truth… I asked if he'd like to be in this series. He said that actually, he mostly logs into SL as a woman so that he can make hair… and feels absolutely no sense of identity tied to his avatar. I pondered this. Since Truth is male IRL, would I photo his female avatar's bare chest? In fact, does the real-life gender of someone matter in SL, considering that Berry here is a gorgeous female IRL? WHAT IS GENDER, ANYWAY?

Then I got a headache and went to bed. Thanks, Truth! :D


Man-Berry's credits: :D
***Shape: Manifest Shapes by Catero Revolution
***Skin: -Belleza- Thomas V2 Mega Pack Deep Tan by Tricky Boucher
***Eyes: Poetic Color - quicksilver - medium by Lano Ling
***Hair: [Uncleweb] Daniel-Hair size-L Meteoric swarm by Din Raymaker
***Suit: AOHARU_ElegantSuit_Brown by machang Pichot
***Shoes: ANEXX_HorseBitLoafer_Brown by machang Pichot
***Socks: VITAMEN Men's SocksGarter by Vitamen Hax

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Strawberry Singh said...

awwwww you said I was gorgeous in RL. I love you even more now. <333

Thank you for the post. *hugs*