Monday, April 12, 2010

The megane

Masairo Absent

I'm so happy with the diversity of this series. I've photographed buff fellows and skinny fellows and dark ones and light ones… but I'm quite overjoyed to have photographed a megane. Megane is the Japanese word for glasses, and it also describes a certain type -- bookish, reserved, sweet once pried from the shell, or perhaps dry to the core. Masairo might not actually be any of these things, but his style allows for a perfect typecast. …Suspenders everywhere can't be wrong! (Also, I'm swiftly realizing that I have enough material for Shirtless Boy Fortnight.)


***Hair: Aitui (Ease.Original)
***Shorts: Adjunct (Suspender Pants)
***Boots: BC322 (Work Boots)
***Glasses: Artilleri (Buddy Glasses)
***Scarf: Adjunct (Sail Away Scarf)
***Lip Piercing: A&M
***Tattoo: Aitui (Mr. Midnight)
***Socks: Pig
***Skin: Milage Valenti

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