Sunday, April 4, 2010

Introducing {MV}


Before anyone hollers at me, these poses are all by the super-awesome Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose. They can be found at the LAP booth at the pose fair, and they're the Model Boy Poses. I loves them long time. Make more already, Dove, K? K. (SLURL to Pose Fair.)

I'm waving at you sleepily from my Easter-brunch-induced coma. Instead of napping like I shoulda, I photographed clothing from {MV}, a new shop that's going to open up tomorrow at this location. I'm pretty sure that some of these items are meant for girls, but they're made by Vo Pralou and Millan Parx, so I bet they're actually just deeply metrosexual. How was your Easter, everyone? In honor of Easter, I hope to lure a certain infamous boy blogger into his skivvies, later on, to photo him for these pages. And I'll let the speculation begin… (SLURL to {MV})



***Poses: Model Boy Poses by Long Awkward Pose
***Tattoo: HUZ Amnesia for him
***Boots: Shop Sey Layer's Boots Corduroy
***Hair: booN EDI998 hair sandy
***Skin: Den-dou eito dark /02 stubble
***Pants: {MV} Gradient Jeans
***Shirt: {MV} Set plaid shirt
***More Pants: {MV} Lace Jeans Black
***More Shirts: {MV} Loose collar tee (gray)
***Even more shirts: {MV} denim button-down
***Even more pants: {MV} dotted jeans

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