Friday, April 30, 2010

I misread that as Metaversally Spanking

Prad Prathivi

Two more people left in this almost-month-long series on shirtless boys, and I'm posting them both today. The first is Mr. Prad Prathivi, whose blog Metaversally Speaking spans many worlds worth of ponder. I've gotten to know him through his bashful little plurks, which tend to bring all the high-powered fashion bloggers to his yard. Perhaps because of his lovely partner Felicity? His blog wins awards and stuff, but it completely lacks shirtlessness -- so here's a post to mitigate that issue.


***Shirt: Zaara - Nalin Summer Shirt (black)
***Pants: Calypso Giano - Stonewash Jeans LiaG
***Hair: Uw.St Ash Hair (Meteoric Swarm)
***Tattoo: Negko Design Tattoo - Phoenix Haka
***Shoes: Damiani - Neo V2
***Eyes: Pixel Mode Brown Eyes
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