Friday, April 9, 2010

Good manners get you everywhere

Dimitri Rizooto

Sanura Snowpaw suggested this fella for my next shirtless boy. "There are three men in SL who I think of as completely awesome." She named the first two, one of whom I've already written about this week, and then this one. "These three don't tell me how smart or pretty or whatever I am and I can have a real actual conversation with them," she said. What, brains? That's enough of a recommendation for me.

Dimitri showed up and asked if I knew his occupation. "I'm a dancer at Sixx Pack," he mentioned. He was kind enough to remove his shirt, and then he called me ma'am, which won over the dom proper Southern lady in me. Good manners get you everywhere, gentlemen!


***Skin - Capone - 007
***Jeans - Runaways - WMD
***Tattoo - Rage - Aitui
***Hat/Hair - Baseball Cap/back Shaggy Dark Brown - Argrace
***Sunglasses - Recon - Role Optic

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