Friday, April 30, 2010

Forgot to take our shirts off, damn

With Avarice Serpente

I have this horrible habit of picking people up for photographs while I'm out shopping. In this case, at /artilleri/, Avarice's tag was "Key Master," so of course I had to point out that I was the Gate Keeper. Anyone who doesn't get this reference hasn't seen the original Ghostbusters, and is probably younger than me. He was very gracious about my joke, so I took a closer look at his avatar… Five minutes later we were both sporting /artilleri's/ brand new pants and Hawaiian shirts, so I kind of invited him back to my photoglobe. It was a total case of friend at first sight! (It happened to me once before in Ingenue. Discerning people shop vintage, I reckon.)


On Avarice:
***Eyes - Poetic Colors - Autumn - Moss
***Skin - The Abyss - Adam Crius_Deep Tan
***Hair - Buried Alive - Sawyer +Blonde+
***Shape - Self-made
***Jeans - Meriken Co. Jeans #103
***Shoes - (Shiny Things) Old Shoes - Black
***Shirt - /artilleri/ Nicke in Hawaii shirt *green*
***Aitui Tattoo - Beautiful & How it Happens
***Ring: Earthstones - Unisex Banded ring - Rainbow
***Bracelets: Rawdolls - Nuthin but Trinkets

On Acha:
***Pants: /artilleri/ Bret pants in navy
***Shirt: /artilleri/ Nicke Hawaii shirt *orange*
***Boots: NC+ Boots 009 Base-Black
***Skin: Ugly Duck Uriel - patch - bodyhair
***Hair: JE*Republic - claudia - light brown
***Ears: SLink Sachara Elf Ears Long
***Monocle: Tekeli-li lovecraftian monocle

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