Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Madam Ornitz

These outfit elements are from the ALT Fair, y'all

The ALT FAIR has begun. I know this because I got a notecard to that effect…or at least I think I did. In fact, I've got to excerpt from the notecard because I can't read Cajunweegian, and perhaps y'all can help me decipher this'un:

I'm Chronus Ranger, born and raised in da Bayou lands of Louisiana, and I'm da sim manager of Pulse and Sn@tch city. I'm here today to talk to y'all 'bout a great thang we gone do down here on da Pulse, Nomine, Sn@tch City and New Kadath Sims April 22-May 2, is da first Annual SL Alternative Fair featuring over 50 designers in Punk, Rock, Gothic, Grunge, Lolli, Visual Kei, Cyberwear and many other styles of da Alternative Clothin', Skins, Hair and Accessories.


It goes on to say that:

We decided on da darkest, dirtiest and fun place to be for our theme, the Louisiana Bayou. Seedy, swampy n sultry. Fireflies, crawdads, gators and yes da best booze, friendliest people and funkiest music in da US. We've filled da fair with swamp shacks and built a really exciting n colorful area to shop and meet up while still keeping as low lag as we can by using da Linden plants and da limited texture palette.


The event is in honor of noble things:

World Malaria Day is April 25th and In partnership with the Nothing But Nets Campaign we hope to raise a lot of money for our Charity Team and raise lots of awareness and interest for da often overlooked Alternative Clothing, Accessory, Hair and Skin designers in Second Life, WHEA!

I can't say it better than that, nor more Cajunly.

SLURLS to the ALT FAIR: Pulse, Sn@tch City, Nomine, New Kadith


***Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes by LL - fairy - wolf gr dark
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Abel - purple
***Tattoo: HUZ Ugra Faded
***Boots: G*Field short lace-up boots in lavender, group gift
***Wings: Ondine Wings in Sunset, Sea, Black -- ALT fair item
***Choker: Lolapop! Bitten Choker -- ALT fair item
***Ears: SLink Sachara Ears with Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystals - long
***Skins: Frick Alt Fair skins, Alt Geisha Frill skins in Cream and Scroll skins n Cream -- ALT fair item
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Alt Fair Mourn Dress LE and (Ash) Batty Sweater for the Alt Fair -- ALT fair item
***Poses: by Lotta

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