Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't stand so close to me

Gabe Bookmite

Speaking of unclad torsos, Gabe's avatar gives us a lot to work with here. I like the elongation of his form, and how his skin really suits it -- especially (well, to me) the sharp dip of muscle at his hip. I had a discussion with hyasynth once about torsos. "Your avatar doesn't have much of a torso," hyasynth pointed out. "Clothing looks so much better when there's a long line of back." She's right, clothing really does suit long torsos -- and unclothing, too. *cough* Back to Gabe. I like that he's really used what he had left to work with. His shorts and socks really try hard to distract the eye from his naked top, eh?


***Skin: Signature: Rob Faite - Tone 3 - HAIR - Shaved
***Eye: Expressive eyes gray by Nany Merlin
***Hair: booN XXX777 hair blonde
***Shorts: Doppelganger Inc. - Madras Shorts - Nantucket
***Stocking: Ducknipple~ Leggies - White
***Boots: [0N] Wo Boots
***Pose: Get Bent: Stand Aside, AND LAP

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