Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catero covered in kisses

Catero Revolution

Catero overachieved and somehow lost his pants before this shoot… And I'm really not complaining. However, my favorite part of Catero's avatar is also my favorite part of his partner Berry's avatar: the eyes. Catero has a gleaming shade of grey that looks excellent against a darker skin tone, giving us much to pan into, a reflection of deep thought and intelligence. Considering how smooch-covered this gentleman is, I think I'll stop discussing his avatar right here. :D


***Hair: SOREAL Original Rasta Bun V2
***Boxers: VITAMEN Monthly Freebie For April @ House
***Socks: SiniStyle Tube Socks (shown in Violet)
***Finger Tape: SiniStyle Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails
***Tattoo: Eoma's World *THE LADY KISS*
***Face Kiss: BP*SMACK!


Catero said...

Thanks for asking me, Ach. ♥

The "eyes" credit goes to Aemilia Case of Fusemelon (and Philotic Energy).


Oscar Page said...

She call him Mr. Dorktastic say he not fantastic... sorry... Shaggy reference wouldn't get out of my head. ;-)