Thursday, April 22, 2010

But was he Tactful?

Tact Arida

I admire the pants off this male blogger. I also know that he is Japanese, and it's possible that the idiom I just used will translate really weirdly, so I assure Arida-san that I don't actually want his pants off. (Much.) His blog is over here, and his style is marked by an ever-changing yet coherent look. He also takes fabulously evocative in-world photographs, and I also stalk his Flickr stream, just to be redundant. Thank you for posing for me, Tact! (Four posts left in this series, with a Very Special Guest-Star at the end.)


***Skin: [CheerNo]Wady_Tan/FULLBEARD.Shaved/Eyeliner
***Eyes: MADesigns EYES_AUTUMN twilight - cave
***Hair: CheerNo - Hair MORAN [Surreal]
***Pierce: MANDALA - Face Pierce -Purple-
***Scarf: Maitreya- Circle Scarf Knit - Black
***Pants: CheerNo - DRAVEN shorts/black
***Boots: Docs -8 Hole - M - BLACK


Bunny Brickworks said...

This series is so full of WIN!

Shelby Rasmuson said...

I was wondering when you'd get to him...