Sunday, April 18, 2010

A boy named Bunny

Mr. Brickworks

I met Bunny by accident, and I've kind of forgotten how. Perhaps I was fangirling her Flickr account via a tip from a friend, or perhaps I stalked her in-world after seeing a particularly evocative yaoi photo shoot… Eventually she friended me and taught me an awesome thing or two about photography. (Camera angles! High resolution!) Bunny is rarely the passive one in a photo shoot, so it was kind of fun to stick her in my box and tell her to hold still. We had a small conversation about boy bodies while she was there… "I think the V is the sexiest part of a man," Bunny said, refering to the sexy angle of muscle between the two hipbones. A yaoi-writing friend of mine loves to write scenes where those hipbones get bitten. I contend that it's the collarbone, or the small of the back (or, okay, the fingers). In this case, I'd kinda…pick all three for Mr. Brickworks here.


***Hair: Uw.St - Jeff Hair - angel shine
***Skin: [-B-] Femboy / Fair / #o1
***Eyes: deviousEyes - ice blue
***Glasses: ::Solar Eyewear:: Glasses :: ARAE
***Cigarette: FNKY! - Cigarette II
***Pants: !ZB: Gym Fleece Pants (black)
***Shoes: UBU - PornStar Slip-ons


Noirran Marx said...

Sexy bitch!

Bunny Brickworks said...

That's a hot guy, is he available?

Auntykuro said...

*eyebrow wiggle* yeah, is he? :D

Takuya Kawashima said...

What Noirran said ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awwww.. Great post!
I heart Mr. Brickworks..
So smex-y-lisious. hehe.

Anonymous said...

opps. *looks up at my comment*

P.S. It's Sylvia Oliver.. silly wordpress.