Monday, March 29, 2010

What could this be?

Is this thing working? HA! I'm in! Look at me taking over Achariya's precious little blog! No one is safe from meee and I'm going to-- oh, hello there! My name is Kandy. My name is Kandy Kanaveral, and I have some information for you. Delicious, wonderful information. Information that might spread a little bit of light on all of those strange flyers that have been showing up everywhere recently.

ThATS RIGHT! I'm talking about the Black Bacchanal. Which is to be only the BEST and most AMAZING event to ever take place any WHERE. There will be Sparrows and Canaries and Blooooood and oh right pretty laces tainted with Arsenic, but that's not all. On a Wednesday.... Wednesday the Thirty First in a certain Rookery somewherewhere all the pretty birds roost.

And I will be so prettty, and you will be so prettty and you will all thank me so much for being sooooooooooo pretty. Why are you looking at me? Stop looking at me. You're staring at me and that's not very nice. There is no time for that anyway. The carnival is coming, and there is no time to waste. But don't think I didn't see what you did little girl. I'm coming for you. And you will pay.


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