Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We don't need another hero


Doc Eldritch has such a distinctive look to his outfits, elegance married to a worn Beyond Thunderdome element. I always feel ready for some time in the Wastelands in his stuff, especially when I took off my shirt and saw the distressed patches on the fabric. I love the sheen of his leather jackets and how he does details, like the flare of the cuff. No need for a prim collar, even! I'm also wearing new Mer-elf ears from Schadenfreude, scalloped around the edges and embedded with a tunnel and rings. I'd love to have these ears in real life. Maybe mer-elf ears hear the sea on a distant shore, eh? On my head I'm continuing my love affair with female hairdos for my boy avvie. This one is's Marie. (SLURL to Schadenfreude) (SLURL to DE Designs)

I just noticed that my avvie isn't wearing any green today. Feel free to give me a pinch. ;)



***Hand tats: ~silentsparrow~ hart.thistle & thorn tattoo
***Shoes: Redgrave Aviator Loafers in black
***Hair: Marie - Jaded Blond
***Skin: Den-Dou Eito Pale /05 eyeliner
***Outfit: Doc Eldritch Designs Eclipse 10 - Men's Black
***Ears: Schadenfreude Mer-elf ear, ankh & plug
***Necklace: Schadenfreude Short Vitalle Necklace

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Nissa Nightfire said...

*pinches you on the cheek*