Thursday, March 18, 2010

Put a lid on it


I realized that I'm never comfortable being out-and-out sexy with my female avatar. Male avatar has zero problems rocking out with his prim attachments out, but the female avatar is modest and demure and more cute than sexy. I don't know why this is the case. Perhaps because my real life self is the same? Maybe it's easier to imagine sexuality as a different gender because I prefer to keep my own gender modest online? Be that as it may, an hour of heckling from a friend never really got me into sexy thigh-highs.

Ingenue's wonderful corset and panties is just modest enough to be sexy, and I wore it with this fabulously jarring set of long-dead eyes from Ugly Duck to mitigate any possible overt sexuality. The skin is one of the Ugly Duck gatcha skins -- so afforable and well-made! Please also note the beautiful necklace from *Amaranthus* -- if you click it, it opens to reveal a note.

(SLURL to Ugly Duck) (SLURL to Ingenue) (SLURL to Amaranthus)


***Hair: SLink The Cat's Meow
***Shoes: (Shiny things) Hyasynths in red
***Socks: Shop Sey Skull Knee Socks
***Earrings: FlipSide Tunnel set
***Eyes: Ugly Duck - Blue Water Eyes
***Skin: Ugly Duck Gatcha 2 - Skin 12 Raven
***Corset and panties: Ingenue Angelique in rouge
***Locket: *Amaranthus* Florid Locket in platinum/electric

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