Sunday, March 28, 2010

A piece of me


Two new things before I run off and teach iPhone class. First, Illninia Skins has a bunch of new male skins out. I'm wearing two here, the Niko in light skin tone and the Blas in pale. These skins are very photo-realistic, so much that I get the Uncanny Valley feeling when I stare at the face. My male skins tend to be more drawn-looking, but these look perfect for roleplaying rough fellas, and are definitely a unique take on male skins! (Go see other skins at the Illninia Skins blog)

Second, I love this all-in-one denim outfit from Arai. :D


***Shoes: Picnic panu shoes - black
***Hair: RIOT! Homicide hair in blonde 4
***Outfit: ARAI all-in-one denim indigo
***Skins: Illninia skins 01 niko light no hair, Illninia skins 05 blas pale no hair

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