Monday, March 1, 2010

Not me: Vo Pralou

Vo Pralou of Heroin Ghic

Within seconds of meeting Vo he was in his underpants, and I was in his underpants too. We had an excuse, though. He's the designer of {MV}, a store that's going to open shortly, and was exhibiting his new creations. I quite like Vo's style, which is shown off in his fine blog Heroin Ghic. (In which he abuses the word "etcetera", yet looks cute doing it.) I thought he was a girl until he stripped his clothing off, which is always a plus. He put this look together and found some lyrics to describe it.

Boys.. Boys in the girls room
Girls.. Girls in the men's room
You free your mind in your androgyny
Boys.. Boys in the parlour
Girls.. They're getting harder
I'll free your mind and your androgyny.

--- Garbage (Listen here)



***Skin - *DEN-DOU Boys II* Eito -Pale-
***Hat - !lamb. Rejector
***Hair - !lamb. I'm a realist - Powder
***Glasses - (epoque) Circular Shades - Neutral
***Shirt - ::Happy Finds:: Rumpled Long T-shirt Bunny Dress
***Pants - Emery - Denim Quarry #02 Under
***Shoes - ANEXX_BuckleWedgeBoots_Black_

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