Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not me: Fade Lei

Fade Lei

I've always admired Fade's style. It's sexy in a tomboyish way, body-conscious yet comfortable. She never fails to pair her Zero Number boots with a fluffy dress, or put suspenders over a skin-flashing shirt. Her colors are generally neutral, which highlights her skins. In fact, she's wearing a new tone -- Laura. It's an in-between tone, neither dark nor pale, and the shading is just right. I like how the little cupid-bow mouths on Fade's skins suit her shape perfectly. (If you can't design for yourself, who're you designing for, after all!)


***Braces - League - grandad braces (brown)
***Skin Ugly duck - Laura (new)
***Cargo Pants - Sey
***Boots [ON] Wo Boots (gomi)
***Socks - Picnic suspender socks
***Shirt - Pig
***Hair - Kurotsubaki dia-7-brown

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