Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Vo Pralou of Heroin Ghic

The other day, Vitamen Hax handed me a folder of man-tights, or "meggings" as Vo calls 'em. Vitamen said, "This is popular in Japan right now. You can wear them under shorts." If you peek up under the shorts, though, you find a sexy little patch of crotch shading -- just so that nobody mistakes your boy bits for girl bits. Vo has a demure oversized shirt on over his meggings, and is camping it up today with a little mouse headband. His style is always fresh and sexy, and his interpretation of the meggings is definitely in keeping with the Japanese aesthetic. (SLURL to Vitamen)


And here is my crotch so that you can see the shading. Lol.

***Ears - DUBOO*Minnie's ears
***Hair - Gritty Kitty: Owen - blonde
***Jacket - *COCO*_MilitaryCardigan_Blue
***Shirt - ::{u.f.o}::lovely printing kint -eagle
***Meggings - VITAMEN men's leggings Charcoal
***Shoes - *COCO*_Gift_FlatAnkleBoots_Brown


Ais said...

The boots in that last pic look like the Docs from [GOS]. Are they? I so love the ones from [GOS].

Auntykuro said...

yes, totally are :D i like them too, although they're completely expensive.