Monday, March 29, 2010

Like they did in that movie The Freshman


I admit that I didn't take the time to read the kanji before wearing the new Chika tattoo from HUZ. Usually I do. There's nothing worse than asking for a few letters inscribed upon your body, only to have the mischievous inker put the inscription "enjoys eating endangered species" across you, in a different language. I trust Hunain Bellic, however, and this tattoo was too pretty not to blog. (But if anyone knows what it says, feel free to tell me!) [SLURL to HUZ]


***Geta: Sweetaholic Geta set in red and black / Tabi
***Pantsu: ~momo~ uma panties in butter
***Tattoo: HUZ Chika - Fresh
***Hair: Fashionably Dead Sparks - Dust
***Skin: Frick - Holiday Romance - Goth - Freckles


Aceius said...
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Aceius said...


noun: health

adjective: healthy, strong

verb: to invigorate, to strengthen, to be good at something, to be strong in something

noun: love, affection

verb: to love

verb: to attend upon, to serve, to wait on

noun: servant, attendant, samurai


noun: honesty, faithfulness, fidelity, devotion, sincerity, truth

adjective: honest, faithful, devoted, sincere


to invigorate love


to serve with fidelity


To invigorate love and serve with fidelity