Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In love with Alice soundtrack


I set eyes on this prettily-made skirt and blouse set from (5th&Oxford), and my mind immediately went to the lolita place. The classic bell shape of the skirt inspired me, perhaps, or the cuteness of the tank top. The top comes with its own ruffle, but I attached a ruffled collar instead, from the G*Field shirt beneath. As always with Roslin & CJ's stuff, I admire the anal-retentive construction; these items were clearly poured-over with great love, yet are pared-down enough to be worn with any kind of styling. (SLURL to 5th&Oxford)

P.S. Alice in Wonderland soundtrack. The Franz Ferdinand Lobster Quadrille is total <3.

***Skin: Pink Fuel Raine Cream Dolly Tears Pink
***Hair: !lamb Soma - Twix
***Overshirt: (5th&Oxford) Jori Blouse - Violet
***Skirt: (5th&Oxford) Jori Skirt - Coral
***Eyes: Schadenfreude Swineflake Eyes
***Ears: Schadenfreude Mer-Elf Ears, ankh & plug
***Undershirt with collar and bow: G*Field Silky Blouse "Charlotte" ivory
***Shoes: Ezura Lolita Pumps set A
***Socks: Ezura Lolita short socks set A
***Poses: LAP Shy Guy

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