Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In lieu of a PhD, I'll just think


Why do we roleplay, in SL or anywhere? I've been thinking about this question a lot lately. I've had three roleplaying pals from Second Life so far, and each experience has been similar in one important respect: I became caught up and immersed in the story that we told. Roleplaying is addictive, and I think it's because humans hunger for stories that process and make sense out of their lives.

Roleplaying is a controlled universe in which you can be a co-creator of story, one of a pair of gods that dictates the direction and growth of your character. The person that you play with becomes stupidly close to you for the duration of the game; you learn about them from the inside-out, because you're being allowed to walk around in their mind. This can be good and bad.. Sometimes, if it doesn't work out, you're left with half a story in your mind. When it does work out, it feels like an extra dimension of reality in your head, a place you can hop into with an easy mental sidestep. Fabulous for procrastination and escapism, too!

Um and so my roleplaying elfboy here tends to wander ~silentsparrow~ early in the morning, thinking deep thoughts and playing with his clothing. :D



***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Old Laceup Boots in brown (girl's. :D )
***Horns: Illusions Sibirica Horns
***Pants: from the ~silentsparrow~ Voltaire suit in leather
***Hair: Adjunct Hair - Jens - Capuccino
***Vest and shirt: Doc Eldritch Designs Intruder 09 Mens - Brown
***Sporran: Shop Sey Rabbit & Snake Belt (black)
***Skin: Ugly Duck - Uriel Freckles - Moles
***Ears: Schadenfreude Fey Ears, Spiral Horn

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