Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Skyping around


Honey Kitty's new-ish Cutie Cake dress is completely adorable and covered in cake, and because I'm skyping with a bunch of early-rising Australians (okay it's late in their timezone), I have absolutely no concentration for writing. Ever get that way in Second Life? Damn that voice for taking away my words. Anyway, Honey Kitty never fails to inspire me to OD on the cute. I'm also wearing a recent release from Calico Ingmann Creations, the Estris II. I'm wearing the II version of the hair because the I version literally touches the floor -- perfect hair for women who like kneeling a lot :D (I'm teasing, Cali!). (SLURL to Honey Kitty) (SLURL to Calico Ingmann Creations)

Also, I'm wearing EllaBella's Pretty Pearls Upon Your Lips piercing. This is unique in SL, a tiny row of delicate white pearls, and I always feel ladylike when I wear them. (SLURL to EllaBella.)


***Frick: Baroque - pumpkin - peach
***Tattoo: The song of anubis tattoo
***Piercings: ellabella Pretty Pearls upon your lips
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Estris II - light copper
***Shoes: Ingenue Freynii in Latte
***Eyes: Atomic Eyes - Fae
***Dress: Honey Kitty (cream) cutie cake
***Socks: Honey Kitty cutie cake knee socks in cream-gold
***Poses: LAP 50L friday poses.

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