Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pull those laces tighter, Loafy!


Here is a quick look of the day, sandwiched between McQueen posts. I quite adore my new prim corset from ~silentsparrow~. It's beautifully textured and sculpted, and frees up a jacket layer for anything I might want to put beneath, including a jacket-layer shrug. I'm wearing it with two other new things -- this tiny bum-ruffle of a skirt from the same maker, and a new skin from Ugly Duck. This skin is Fade's darkest female skin, and everything about it is nicely done, including the all-too-realistic boobs. (I had a small discussion with her about that. "Hey, those look like my IRL boobs!" "Yeah, everybody says that to me.") (SLURL to ~silentsparrow~) (SLURL to Ugly Duck)


***Eyes: Shine Lustrous Achariya Orange
***Skin: Ugly Duck Rachel - Duck Lips - Moles
***Corset: ~silentsparrow~ (sun) brocade petit a petit underbust corset
***Skirt: ~silentsparrow~ (brassheart) kurai tart skirt
***Hair: fri.day Winter.Jennifer in cranky brown
***Ears: SLink Sachara elf ears long chains & rings
***Boots: ~First Flower~ witch-hazel II - rust
***Jacket: ~silentsparrow~ (creme) shruggie top
***Stockings: ~silentsparrow~ (creme) nephilim stockings
***Pasties: ~silentsparrow~ old hunt item, vintage!
***Necklace: HUZ rosary neck tattoo
***Tape: SiniStyle Taped Fingers & black nails

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