Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Of course I've had it in the ear before


MiaSnow has definitely found an underdeveloped niche in Second Life with this skin release. The skins are not for young men, they're for older men who still kick some ass -- as a few friends said, Iggy Pop comes to mind. The top picture is Miasnow's Jake 4 - Aging Rockstar - Soulpatch, and the bottom three are of Jake 2 - Fight, Jake 3 - Goatee, and Jake 4 - aging rockstar day look. I really like the drippy guyliner and hairline goatee of the above skin, and the way his abs still look ripped even if he's a li'l wrinkly. I deny my older guy kink. (SLURL to MiaSnow)



MiaSnow said...


PoePoe said...

Love this.. I went out and got the skin and am getting his shape all kinked out.. but I can't find any suitable hair.. I came back to see what you had used but you didn't give the name.. a little help? :)