Saturday, February 27, 2010

My vanilla latte is a little sour


It's funny how Second Life goes. One night, clad only in my underpants, I met a friend of a friend, who then encouraged another friend to send me some skins. The friend-of-friend-of-friend is Lachlan Causten, and his shop is Bunny B. I fell for his Fumie skin pretty much immediately. He sent a number of makeup options, and I've presented six here. I like best about his skins that they look unabashedly, undeniably asian without trying to be any sort of asian celebrity. The freckles are adorable (my mom is an asian woman with freckles!), and the epicanthic folds above the eyes are nicely drawn. (SLURL to Bunny B)

I'm also wearing a new frock from Nymphetamine. The bodice is a laced, brocaded, gothic fantasy. My favorite part of the dress is the bowed tail, falling above the thick dark skirts. (SLURL to Nymphetamine)


skin07 skin06

skin05 skin02

skin03 skin01

***Eyes: BettiePage* sept2008 eyes/black
***Jewelry: Studio Sidhe bone and silver engraved choker
***Finger tape: Sinistyle
***Skins: Bunny B Fumie - tone01 - m.3, m.5, m.9, m.10, m.15, m.21, m.23, m.29
***Shoes: Ingenue Freynii in noir (not that you can see them)
***Dress: Nymphetamine La Roche Formal Dress in black
***Hair: Wild O hair 2010 2 D brown

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Faery Sola said...

lovely! you do do elegant so well :D