Sunday, February 28, 2010

Melancholy, long withdrawing roar...


Yesterday after the earthquake in Chile, Hawaii was threatened by a tsunami. I called my father, who still lives in the town of Hilo where I grew up, and he said… "Well, it was kind of a non-event, except that the warning made people flood the gas stations and stores. Your step-brother went to the ocean to film it, but the wave was pretty small…" I remembered childhood, waiting for the one-foot tsunami that lapped gently onto the shores of Hilo bay. The last really bad tsunami wiped out the early structure of Hilo in the 1940s, carrying away much of the town. It's good that everyone evacuated, but I'm glad that the ocean is large and Hawaii blessed.

Perhaps this is why my boy avatar is such a surfer at heart; all those early years of indoctrination. Today he's sporting a delicate tattoo by HUZ to adorn his Nomine Noam skin, and the necklace is a store gift from Lolapop in honor of Lola's reopening. Lola's shop is lovely -- the store is now large enough to actually show off her lovely stock! (SLURL to Nomine), (SLURL to Lolapop), (SLURL to HUZ).


***Tattoos: HUZ Floral Reborn
***Shoes: Arai Sandals in brown
***Hair: Fri.Day Melanie.2 - jaded blond
***Shorts: Plastik Valerian in Nautica
***Necklace: Lolapop! Unisex Lt. Broken Heart Heartagram Necklace - shop opening gift
***Skin: Nomine Noam Skin in mocha - patch (hd)
***Butt-shot pose is by Del May. :D, other pose is by Luth.

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