Monday, February 22, 2010

McQueen 04

Sileny Noel

This week's research on McQueen brought me to the term Spielraum, a German word that means "free scope." In my graduate studies, I've often pondered that the best philosophical ideas come from the meeting of two disciplines or worlds, and McQueen's fashion exhibits his fascination with providing an elaborate story with his clothing. Fashion shows are designers' chances to contextualize their clothing, and McQueen's contexts were always otherworldly, or metaworldly. Today Sileny was inspired by his use of color, delving into a menswear look to explore the liminal area between genders.

Second Life provides designers with the same Spielraum, and it also needs the same contextualization. A good shop on a cinematic sim sets the scene for a fashion line. A designer with an active group creates a culture based around the clothing. Flickr streams help people feel involved in the designer's creative imagination, and events (such as dances or parties) give people a reason to dress up. These, to me, are the basic elements that make a fashion line in SL vibrant with an active customer base... In the real world, is fashion much different?



***Hat by Yellow Jester
***Skin by Lara Skin
***Hair by Maitreya
***Pants by Cupcakes
***Shoes by Kookie
***Red/black dress by Nyte and Day
***Jacket by Nyte and Day
***Plaid top by !Ohmai

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