Sunday, February 21, 2010

McQueen 03

Kaira Coronet

Kaira Coronet says:

I've always loved fashion, but Alexander McQueen's stuff seemed to stick out to me more than any other designer. His ideas and designs were so unique -- they also had that very goth-esque feel to them which I wish I could see more often in high fashion.

One of my favorite pieces by him is a pair of heels. They're nothing super crazy at first glance, but when you look closer, the attention to detail is amazing. They have little zippers lining them everywhere, and tiny little skulls

I guess, ultimately, the reason I've always loved his stuff is the slight dark side it all had. I'm a girl that has tattoos and loves grunge and goth-y stuff, but it never really gets showcased in high fashion as much as I would like.



Kaira Coronet outfit notes:
***Shoes: *kookie* Athena - Black
***Gloves: Kyoot Army - Ilia Buckled Gloves (part of the Ilia Cowl Neck Hood set)
***Shirt/pants: Kyoot Army - Straight Jacket Surrealist
***Skin: Tres Blah - Hiccup Pale Skin - Swoon(from designers united)
***Hair: Lamb - witch - Snickers
***Skirt Prim: Nylon Outfitters - Inner Ballerina

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