Monday, February 1, 2010



What picture would you put in a locket? I guess it's what you'd hold close to your heart -- a warm memory, certain people, a moment in which nothing seems dark. ~silentsparrow~ released a lovely locket to match the Chapiteau set. The bottom is a cute animal cameo, the lid contains the photograph of your choice. (You can see hyasynth and I as gryphon pirates if you click the super-large flickr link.) I'm wearing the locket with ~silentsparrow's~ new Kurai jacket too -- a cropped tailcoat. I really like how shrugs look on my boy avatar. Must be his feminine side, eh? (SLURL to ~silentsparrow~)

Also, this is Gritty Kitty hair week. I'm going to be in nothin' but the Kitty for the next five days…just because. Today's style is Hathair, cute and close-cropped enough to show off my elegantly bejeweled SLink ears. (SLURL to Gritty Kitty)


***Hair: Gritty Kitty hathair - ash
***Ears: SLink Sachara Elf Ears Long - foxy hoops
***Pants: ~silentsparrow~ (soot) Gloomy Jeans
***Boots: [NC plus] Boots007 black
***Jacket: ~silentsparrow~ (ash) Kurai jacket
***Skin: Ugly Duck Raphael skin (lightbrows/clean shaven/freckles)
***Shirt: Schadenfreude Ivory Oxford
***Locket: ~silentsparrow~ chapiteau locket

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Anonymous said...

So dapper, and so adorable in freckles! <3