Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cocoa Beach Elf


I'm beginning to realize that there's a part of my avatar personality that will always be a beach bum. This probably stems from my childhood -- I grew up in Hawaii, and to this day my favorite kinds of dresses are the light cotton hippie ones that we used to wear to the beach. I always found surfer boys hot too, with their Quicksilver shirts and their leather thong bracelets, tanned within an inch of their lives. Even in February, I bet people are surfing in Florida, although it's cold outside… I'm wearing a pair of new shoes from Stash today. They come with built-in socks, perfect for a cold day at the beach. (SLURL to Stash)



***Eyes: Poetic Color eyes - cat - evening sun
***Ears: SLink Sachara elf ears outy foxy hoops
***Skin: Dutch Touch ROdd Coffee Basic
***Jacket: Bare Rose Black Jersey
***Bracelets: Bare Rose from the Survivor outfit
***Tattoos: Aitui With Force We Go
***Shoes: Stash Undefeatable Leather Shoes (with socks)
***Hair: Aitui My Agenda in surfer blond
***Shorts: Arai Denim Shorts in Indigo
***Necklace: Hami's ACC_longopennecklace

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

beach bum is a good way to be ^.^ i'm on the coast, i think it portrays a more relaxed way of things. uppity craziness drives me nuts! wonderful look!