Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catching rainflakes


Hello and welcome to an extreme close-up of sleep deprived Acha, eh? It's so that I can show off my new piercings, the Shadow of the Day from EllaBella. Once again I love the delicacy of her piercings. The woman is probably going blind staring at tineh microprims, but I'm going to enjoy her eyesight while it lasts. Facial piercings are pretty unisex in nature, and my male self likes them as much as my female self does. (SLURL to EllaBella)

I'm also wearing a Valentine's Day shirt from Nomine that sports a message about my purest heart's desire, which is for more sleep. Cheeky, dark and perfect. (SLURL to Nomine)

Now he's buff

***Tattoos: HUZ Amnesia for him
***Pants: Arai Chino Pants in beige
***Piercing: EllaBella shadow of the day
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Jack - Ash
***Skin: Muism Aaron Shoreditch A1 Bald Eyeliner
***Shirt: Nomine Wanted Jacket - sleep 2

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