Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bump that track


Yesterday, a friend of mine interviewed me about Second Life. He's not a player, but had some good questions about the meaning of fashion in this space. As I said to him, I think it goes beyond clothing, simply because you can manipulate your entire being with no regard for physics or physiques. It made me pause to think: I can be anything I want in Second Life. Do I really want to be a bipedal mammal?

Leaving that thought where it is, I really like what Anya Ohmai is doing with her silhouettes collection. The prims are quirky and well-fitted, and I like the starkly wearable colors and cuts of the outfits. The hair is, of course, Gritty Kitty (post three!). It's Duck, and reminds me a lot of my dad's earnestly professorial hair in the 70s. It should go with a full shaggy hippie beard, but that wouldn't have looked good with this frock. (SLURL to Ohmai) (SLURL to Gritty Kitty)



***Eyes: Poetic Color eyes in autumn - oak
***Ears: SLink Sachara Elf Ears small with frogs & beads
***Jacket: Ohmai Hamilton Military in Nilenudist
***Dress: Ohmai Silhouettes - Surface Two
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Duck in rusty
***Shoes: SLink 50L Friday Winkles heels in black
***Skin: Pink Fuel Skye (Milk) - Pink sugar - flushed - light brow

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Heather said...

I must have that jacket please.