Monday, January 11, 2010

Woo and Blue and Ingenue


Still sick! Amusing myself (as always) by playing paper dolly with my avatar. Tonight I was given a few lovely things that looked nice together. The perfect pair of pumps with a rounded 40s toe from Ingenue -- look at the delicacy of the bow! They come in many colors, so it's possible to pick up a classic black as well. Second, a departure from dark hues with this dress from Blue Blood. It's the Rika outfit in whitegoth-pink color, and I like that Ghanima is expanding her repertoire into these lighter fabrics. Third, a double-strand (or single or tripple) of beads from Woo's adds a touch of Victorian mourning to this outfit. With that posture collar, my girl avatar is all ready for finishing school. (SLURL to Blue Blood, SLURL to Ingenue, SLURL to Woo's).


bb01 copy


***Eyes: Poetic Color eyes - dark wood - medium
***Hair: !lamb Cherry - Twix
***Skin: Sweets Party kawaii custard
***Outfit: Blue Blood Rika WhiteGoth - pink
***Necklace: woo's bratty black bead strand necklace
***Shoes: Ingenue Lilium - Vintage Rose
***Poses: by Lazy Places

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