Friday, January 8, 2010

No, I'm zipped


This morning Christa Pizzicato shot me an IM as I was stumbling sleepily around 50L Friday. "I see that you blog. Have you been to Unzipped?" I hopped over and stared around, tilting my head. Had I been there? Perhaps long ago, lost in a Caledonian dream. The place was full of pretty Victoriana and Steampunk accessories, and then I remembered when I'd seen it last… as a tiny shop on the sim Steam Forge, next to a dance club.

More memories. I think I took Jackal there once, right before she evaporated into WoW for a time. The shop had certainly grown since my last visit, and I picked up this outfit (I turned it into like, gay superhero) as well as a box of brass gear that I will undoubtedly wear in a post or three. My boots, I stole right off of Gabe Gabe's pretty little feet. (Go visit Unzipped!)



***Eyes: Den-dou eyes - grey
***Boots: #OC# Dirty Guy Boots
***Outfit: Unzipped Nocturnum Warlock Male
***Skin: Den-dou skin collection 07 mask of a boy - gatcha
***Hair: SLink Ophelia II

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