Saturday, January 23, 2010

Need to go buy more puzzles


Yesterday Alba did her first puzzle almost entirely by herself. She's nearly five, and I know that most kids probably do this earlier, but my own is way too energetic to chill out and focus. Yesterday I actually got a lot of photographing done because of this puzzle! I'm wearing the brilliant new Sam dress from (Elate!), with my own twist on it. I decided to hearken back to the 90s in Portland and wear it over some soft yoga pants from Surf Couture. I think my avatar is ready for a relaxing day, eh? Whereas I have to head to work in an hour… It was a quiet day on the internets for me, but I actually really needed it. (SLURL to Elate!)


***Eyes: Poetic Colors - autumn - oak
***Dress: (Elate!) Sam in chocolate
***Shoes: Akeyo chucks - lowtop
***Hair: Lamb bang bang bob - Twix
***Skin: Tuli Eva (tone 2/br) december vip gift
***Ears: Plastik Animalistic Elven Ears with Burdies (50L Friday item)
***Undershirt: Surf Couture Rendezvous printed v-neck beige
***Pants: Surf Couture yoga pants - slate
***Necklace: Sable Rose - Essentials - black pearl
***Poses: Boy poses by LAP