Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mer-elf madness

Guest-starring Mr. Recidivist Sideways

A kindly friend once gave me instruction upon how to tint one's male parts. "It's always going to be a little rosier than the skin," he said. "Just a touch darker." The same doesn't really apply to ears. Schadenfreude's new Mer-elf ears come in eight different skintones to match the skins in the shop, but are a seamless mix with Nomine's lighter colors too. Only the conch is shaded, as it should be!

Recidivist joined me today to show off some perfect boy basics that are new from Nomine. Great jeans, a wifebeater and a t-shirt with unobtrusive prints are out in the shop, and you can wear them either badass (like Recidivist) or gay as a lark (like me). I'm wearing mine tucked into my gorgeous new Gos 8-hole Docs!



On Recidivist:
***Hair: Carnegie (Rage) by Gritty Kitty
***Skin: 1 Of A Kind Custom by Nomine
***Shape: 1 Of A Kind by Munchflower Zaius & Madagascar Few
***Eyes: Custom shade by Nomine, Custom blind left prim eye by Nomine
***Ears: Limited Edition Lusiphur Av from Nomine (Ears sculpted by Siyu Suen of Illusions)
***Necklace: Dilaudid Silver Necklace by Nomine
***Tank top & jeans: Rusted by Nomine
***Right Bracelet: Bronze Leather Wristcuff by Gritty Kitty
***Left Bracelet: Dirty Biker Cuff (Black) by Sn@tch
***Belt: Classic Belt v.2 (Black) (Female 2) by Blitzed
***Boots: Engineer Boots, Ring (Black) by Zero Number

On Acha:
***Eyes: Poetic Color dark wood - large
***Gloves: Sprawl shove glove (flora)
***Choker: Yabusaka Alphabet belt choker
***Tattoo: Atomic Tattoo_Lucky Basterd (black)
***Belts: Curious Kitties Many Belts - brown - fukubukurou item
***Skin: Boy's Nomine sylvan china white in soul patch
***Shoes: Gos Docs 8 Hole Black
***Hair: Gritty Kitty Owen - black
***Shirt: Nomine rusted tee - bottom, shirt
***Ears: Schadenfreude mer-elf ears
***Pants: Nomine rusted pants - brown superlow

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Wrenja said...

ugh, a couple of my boys have been wearing the Owen hair you've got on lately. It's sooooo <3 I kinda want to lick their pixel scalps.