Sunday, January 17, 2010

I wanna take a ride on your...


So my boy avatar isn't remotely in the closet. You guys knew this, right? That being said, here I am posting in chaps. Anybody who wants to link to these photos and mention how gay he looks, please feel free! I absolutely love these new chaps from Shop Sey. They come in tons of ways to wear them, with all kinds of different layers and belt prims and shadow options. Yes, there's a no-jeans option, and no, you don't get to see it ;) . (SLURL to Shop Sey)

The facial piercings are from House of Darcy -- "male piercings" guaranteed to suit the boyish face. There are several options in the shop, and I really love them. (SLURL to House of Darcy)


***Shoes: Redgrave Aviator -Mokka-
***Eyes: Den-dou vampire eyes in gold
***Hair: EkoEko sweet(cream)
***Chaps: Shop Sey Rider Chaps (brown)
***Bracelet: Grasp Leather Bracelet group gift
***Piercings: HoD - The Draw (w/Shadows) male piercings
***Skin: Ugly Duck Raphael (light brows - 5 o'clock shadow)
***Shirt: DP**yumyum simple long T (brown)
***Scarf: Grasp Desert skull scarf

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