Friday, January 22, 2010

I need Three Wolf Moon


I've wanted to wear this mustache and goatee ever since getting it from Clawtooth for 50L Friday last week. It's so very dapper that it goes with this ensemble from Sangre Noir, the "Deadly Circus" line. I googled images of carnival barkers and came up with a few clothing elements: must have hat. Must have pointy stick. The variety of hat and pointy stick changes with each generation, but in general it was important that the hat be consequential so that everyone would notice him. The hat I've donned is from Mire, part of the magnate outfit. And, pardon me, but I'm completely and totally distracted (thanks, Azazeal!).


***Eyes: Poetic Colors - autumn - oak
***Boots: J's Engineer Long Boots
***Facial Hair: Clawtooth: The Dapper Gentleman Goatee & Mustache (old 50L Friday item)
***Hair: Tiny Bird The Knife - Chocolate
***Hat: *Mire* Bowler hat magnate greed, from the magnate outfit.
***Pants: Sangre Noir Deadly circus Pants (sangre color)
***Skin: Ugly Duck Raphael (dark brows - cleanshaven - eyes )
***Shirt: Sangre Noir Deadly circus shirt
***Cane: From the Ana_Mations cane ao.

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