Sunday, January 24, 2010

An elven maid there was of old


Yesterday I spent about four hours organizing inventory, and realized that (a) I am a huge packrat and (b) I've been neglecting my female avatar's wardrobe. Tsk! I remembered that I've got this amazingly lush skin from Dutch Touch to write about, the SjORs skin. I love the combination of dramatic brow and perfect lip -- damn, it looks like this elven maiden found the perfect lip balm, perhaps something made out of beeswax and honey. I'm also wearing ears that somehow got lost in my inventory…they were new, um, last Summer? (I'm not 100% perfect at tinting ears. Please don't kill me, I still love them.) The dress is an ethnic print sundress from Uzuri, the Hamu. I love the construction (it drops to a deep, sexy V in the back) and comfortable look of the fabric. This is the kind of thing I wear all the time IRL… Now that I've written about something pretty, it's time to head back to work. :p


***Eyes: Endeavor shiny eyes pro L 07
***Skins: Dutch Touch SjORs Lucious & Cream
***Bracelet: Miel Lun bracelet from a 50L Friday set
***Hair: Eloise - cranky brown
***Braid: Scribble 50L Friday braid crown with feathers
***Dress: Uzuri Hamu Dress - brown
***Ears: SLink & Studio Sidhe Sachara Crystal Elf Ears Outy

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