Friday, January 8, 2010

Dutch Touch skinses


Dutch Touch has just created some new boy skins. They're named Red (a beautifully rosy skintone, shown above) and NiK (a slightly paler skintone). I'm a sucker for the boy avvie in the faint bit of chin fuzz and chesthair -- just the right amount. I also like the pretty elven boy innocence of the shaven version as well as the one with eyeliner; the boy looks like he's up to no good, as usual. Like standing around with a horse. You can find these skins at the Dutch Touch mainstore.



***Eyes: Den-dou eyes grey
***Belt: ~silentsparrow~ Aconite belt from the suit
***Pants: League Garage Jeans - petrol
***Hair: Maitreya Green / strawberry blond & natural blond
***Ears: Schadefreude fey ears, spiral horns
***Skins: Dutch Touch: (The photos with lighter hair are with Red skintone. )
Red :: Cream :: Basic & Goatee
NiK :: Cream :: Basic, Eye Makeup & Goatee (with Chest Hair)

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