Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blogger challenge: Then and Now


Sophia Harlow asked what we all looked like back when. I poked through my inventory and realized that I don't have any of my first clothing, but I do have these dolls! Within my first week of playing SL I realized that lolita fashion was thriving here, and fell in love with all of the extremely affordable dresses at LicoLico. I sat in the camp chairs and collected them all, a godsend to a newbie who wasn't sure whether she was gonna stay in SL. Even now I love LicoLico mall, although time has made some of the shops migrate away from it to Albero and Creators Pavilion and other popular sims… The LicoLico dolls actually had little tiny dressup outfits that exactly matched the dresses. They're still available at LicoLico Mall.

I…yeah, look kinda different now.



SophHarlow said...

Seriously, I have a huge crush on you now. Don't tell Winter but it's bigger than the one I have on him.

Thank you for playing!


Unknown said...

Oh my! Boy Acha looks better every time I look. <3

*fans herself*