Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Är jag bra ut?


A few days ago I saw Miss Puma's post about Adjunct, and thought the style was interesting. I hopped over to the shop and picked up a few things -- this hat with hair (just Acha's shade of blond), and this pair of skinny zippered pants. I like the construction of these items! The shop is quirky and interesting, and has some other things like twirly mustaches and suspenders. (SLURL to Adjunct)

This skin is new to me from Muism. It's amazing how different my boy shape looks in each skin -- this one, with all its freckles and thick brows, makes me want to send him to Northern Europe. :D


***Shoes: Shiny Things Murphys in black
***Eyes: Den-Dou eyes in aqua blue
***Bag: Curious Kitties old update group gift, Lenige bag
***Skin: Muism Aaron Shoreditch A1
***Hair: Adjunct Hair - ben - capuccino
***Pants: Adjunct Denim - zipper jeans - guys - black
***Shirt: Unknown Boutique hound's tooth v-neck *green with tie

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