Saturday, December 5, 2009

All wrapped up for your tree


Dark Eden always makes me giggle with their Christmas stuff. As a former Dark Eden girl, I always love the shibari holiday sets, especially including Halloween (orange ropes!) and the Christmas green and red. The ropes mostly fit my boy avatar here -- the chest didn't fit at all cause he has no boobies, and the groin required some tweaking. Despite that, I think he looks like Santa's happiest gayest elf, eh? The boots are as over-the-top as always, and the scarf set with skulls loops neatly around one's neck … There's one more very naughty item that makes me laugh. In the interest of my daughter not seeing this one, I'll just link to it!


***Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes fairy eyes - wolf dark
***Hat: Chicanery dirty santa hat (I'm not sure if this is still in his shop)
***Shirt: Vitamen Intimo black sheer tank
***Undies: Vitamen Intimo Black Sheer Brief
***Skin: Den-dou vampire skin - light / no fang
***Hair: Miau Haus Vasean Hair Juicy Green
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ crowjane tattoo
***Scarf: Dark Eden Crossbones Scarf
***Boots: Dark Eden Lilith Holiday Boots
***Shibari set: Dark Eden Xmas Green Shibari ropes
***OMG candy cane penis!: Dark Eden Candy Cane Strapon

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ugly Duck skins


I have a designer friend who makes the most amazing skins for her shop Ugly Duck. She's never publicized them, even though her shop is jam-packed full of different kinds. She's spent the past three years carefully creating the bases ("Just for myself") until she was happy with them. She recently sent me a box of her newest stuff, very shyly and quietly, and I said: YOU MORON. I'LL BLOG THESE. Her skins come in several tones, and the makeups are all melting and perfectly blended and highlighted like a makeup artist has been at me. If you want to see the nekky skin, Go check out the demo at Ugly Duck.

By the way, I'm also wearing the brand new BeeBee boots by SLink. They're gorgeously made as always, and I can't wait to see how people wear them on their blogs! (SLURL to SLink)


shoesandskins03 shoesandboots04

shoesandskins06 shoesandskins07

***Skins: Ugly Duck - Chani skins
Chani skins in these makeups: plain, black red makeup, cateyes - blacklips & bindi, cateyes -eyeshadow & lipstripe, cateyes - redlips, cateyes, eyestripe - redlips, lipblush, pris, redlips.
***Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Autumn - Oak
***Jewelry: Kunstkammer Black Forest suite in pearl/crystal/moonstone
***Socks: mocha loose socks in plain dirty beige
***Undies: ~momo~ dewdrop set in butter
***Hair: !lamb witch - butterfinger
***Boots: SLink BeeBee boots in white chocolate

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I guess he hangs right


I'm blogging at you from my conference in New Mexico. Chatting with Winter this morning, I realized that I own astronomically more girl items than boy items, simply because I blog more as a girl. That's why whenever I notice something boyish about girl clothing -- like the very definite "shading" on these DP**yumyum BF jeans -- I gasp and put them immediately onto my boy avatar. Yep, these pants emphasize his assets, which is probably why they're called BF (boyfriend?) jeans in the first place. Thank you, DP**yumyum, for unwittingly increasing my male avvie's wardrobe! The Nomine sweater is also meant for girls, but surely boy-Acha's best girlfriends won't mind him borrowing their soft, fluffy sweaters…

Also, please note the awesomeness of my boots. They're from Hat Mechanic, and are meant for wearing with prim pants. They come with a taller variety for tucking pants in too.


***Sweater: Nomine Division Sweater Brown
***Jeans: DP**yumyum BF jeans - used
***Tank: /artilleri/ 8ball flaming skull tank
***Boots: Fade Dana Greaser Boots for prim pants
***Skin: Trap Axel Male, old group gift
***Hair: EkoEko (TekuTeku) Siva in cream

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Please go away, stress


I loved Zala Wonder's boots so much that I totally stole them. These are from Ordinary Design, and are completely color scripted, the lace-up ribbons as well as the base. I put them on with a bunch of stripes (because once you start, it's hard to stop), /artilleri/'s beautiful scarf and these leggings from DP**yumyum. I wore these pattern-scripted Gritty Kitty headphones to look more like Zala Wonder :D.

The coat was made for winter two years ago by ~silentsparrow~, and I remember how much I loved putting it on and zooming around with my brand new Skoopf skates on the iced inlets of the sim. (By the way, I'm going to be at a conference for the next few days; blogging will be limited or nonexistent. But I'll be back!)


***Eyes: Poetic Color autumn oak large
***Gloves: ~silentsparrow~ (cocoa) toxine dress gloves
***Coat: ~silentsparrow~ (cocoa) marzipan coat
***Boots: *ordinary design* Acinonyx color scripted boots with ribbons. *_*
***Scarf: /artilleri/ Taylor scarf khaki/cream
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam Frex (dark) Winter - pure 2
***Hair: Maitreya Zoe - Caramel

Monday, November 30, 2009

Little brollies on my thermal


Today I'm taking a page from Sai Pennell and posting a relaxed look. This plus massive cramps plus a lot to do means that I've got on yoga pants from Surf Couture, an old 50L Friday gift that exists in other colors for normal sale. Yoga pants go with another color of the amazing BettiePage jeans jacket (is this out in the shop yet?), a comfy thermal from ~momo~, and pretty flats from (Shiny Things). Now I'm off to nurse my enormous headache and prepare for a conference.


***Eyes: Poetic Colors eyes autumn - oak
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) penny edition criss-cross ballet flats in pink
***Jacket: BettiePage denim jacket/vintage
***Belt: 50L Friday Kunstkammer cosmic belt - crystal
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam - Winter frex - pure
***Pants: 50L Friday Surf Couture yoga pants - slate
***Hair: Clawtooth sugar biscuit in coffee
***Shirt: ~momo~ umbrella thermal in brownie
***Poses: Kunstkammer contraposto

white lady

Hee... it's me. I post this look and picture here because I adore Achariya's another similar look. :)
Outfit details and more pictures please click the banner.

We aim to misbehave?


The theme of this photo is actually hair, which is Lamb's Whoop Dee Doo. I'm not sure why the hair lends itself to completely camping it up, but it does. What's amazing to me is that only one of the people in this image is actually gay, and he's the most tastefully-dressed! Winter is going to blog his look eventually so that we can get the full force of his purple Prince-esque self.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Float like an angel, sting like a fugu


Kala Bijoux of Material Squirrel made new wings, the Raphael Angel wings. I love them, and wanted to do something slightly different, so I created this look, a kinda…tribal angel with fae feet sort of thing. The dress and skin are from Plastik, creator of some of my favorite duskier skins in SL.



***Horns: From the Queen Titania's Court female faun
***Hair: Sari's Hippie Dee Doo dreads in brown
***Bracers: Silver Wheel Constrictor Bracers
***Gloves: Vintage Fleur gloves in black, no longer made.
***Pierce: Black Moon mouth piercing
***Collar: SiniStyle Posture Collar
***Tattoos: HUZ custom scales
***Boots: Lazy Places Ankou Boots - Fae - Brown
***Outfit: Plastik Limited Edition strips dress in mosaic color
***Skin: Plastik Bael Midnight Winds - Cateye
***Wings: Material Squirrel Raphael Angel Wings - Espresso
***Eyes: Kusntkammer Demonia Eyes - Black



Earlier today I posted on Free*Style about the cool stuff at the Japanese sim Christmas Mall. Here are a few more of the awesome free things. G Field has a gift holiday muffler on the sim, and K_gs has a Santa mask. :D

***Glasses: K_gs SantaClausGlasses at Christmas Mall
***Scarf: *G Field* Muffler -holiday red- at Christmas Mall