Saturday, November 21, 2009

The blue pill


Ah, it's cold out. Let me put on a new sweater. It's a little short, but tattoos will keep the rest of my avatar warm, *grin*. Today's outfit was built around this elaborately fluffy scarf from Kunstkammer. It's scripted so that the fluffy bits and the knitted bits color change separately, and there are even dark colors for boys who like wearing fluffy things (example here). I'm wearing it with one of the new sweaters from Nomine, short and nubbly and warm (well, at least the arms and shoulders are warm).


***Skin: Nomine white dollskin seamed - vamp
***Nails: Schadenfreude azure glitter manicure
***Monocle: Schadenfreude Geoffrey Monocle
***Tattoo: Daisuki tattoo fairy
***Tights: BettiePage** cotton border tights / gray + black
***Hair: !lamb babys on fire - ink
***Pants: Mimikri roxy black / pants
***Piercings: ellabella no rain here - full
***Hat: ~silentsparrow~ (thistle) kalamari hat profile pick reward
***Shoes: Junkdrawer Not Sandra Dee saddle shoes
***Scarf: Kunstkammer comfy cozy scarves - brights - color changing script
***Eyes: Kunstkammer demonia eyes - black
***Sweater: Nomine bisected sweater - black

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'd totally have to charge


I woke up this morning all excited about 50L Friday, and I was not disappointed. I'm in this great sweater with an owl on it from Scribble (puts me in mind of grade school during the 1970s), and a bustle for my Le Milkshake dress from Katat0nik (so um, what IS my milkshake? Is it my arse in this bustle? I have yet to figure this out from the song). Then, there are those beautifully made, BRIGHT GOLD SLink boots. I rubbed my forehead for a little while trying to figure out how to wear them, and then I thought: Aha, WWMMD - ?! (What would Milla Michinaga do?!) She'd wear them with golden hair and a little black dress, of course.



Kat outfit:
***Eyes: CS Eyes - Mirror Gray
***Skin: Nomine china dollskin seamed - vamp
***Boots: (Shiny Things) chunky ribbon boots - pink
***Gloves: *katat0nik* (pink) princess gloves from the dress set
***Dress: *katat0nik* (pink) Le Milkshake dress
***Bustle: *katat0nik* (pink) 50L Friday Le Milkshake Bustle
***Hair: !lamb Cherry - kit kat
Scribble outfit:
***Shoes: Zero Number Used Boots Ami Brown
***Leggings: The Closet Mesh Leggings Brown
***Necklace: Handmaidens Star Choker
***Hair: Clawtooth Listen Up - Orange you glad color
***Skin: Blowpop N2 Elizabeth tone A persia
***Sweater: Scribble Lodge Sweater (50L Friday Owl)
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Hannah in Golden
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White - esoterica lorelei black
***Bangles: Zaara Sadaf paua bangles *gold*
***Dress: Plastik Aishalune LaSolaBlack
***Tattoos: Demise blood of adonis
***Boots: SLink 50L Friday Sydney Gold

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Staying in today


I commissioned a custom skybox from Aisuru Reiko, and it's so beautiful (full of orange wood, clean and spare and lovely) that I put on clothing to accessorize it. I'm wearing a "hell no, I'm not leaving the house" outfit, complete with a soft Zaara pashmina against the cold of the upper stratospheres, leggings from Canimal, and a new cute tank from Blowpop. My hair looks so much nicer than my IRL hair right now that I have avatar envy; it's Clawtooth's new Play It Again Sam, complete with neat little braids.

I like that I can wear hindu gods on my shirt. It reminds me a lot of a cross between Indian art and a votive candle. Maybe I should figure out how to give my avatar a slight inner candle-flame glow?



***Skybox: Commission by Aisuru Reiko
***Eyes: CS Eyes Mirror Gray
***Shoes: Periquita funny girl flats
***Leggings under the leggings: from ~momo's~ striped dress
***Socks: mocha loose socks in gray
***Leggings: Canimal WildOne Leggings (zebra)
***Tank: blowpop three goddesses print tank
***Armwarmers: DP**yumyum crochet arm warmers
***Skin: blowpop N2 Elizabeth skintone A - 10.1 vapor 1
***Hair: Clawtooth play it again sam - orange
***Pashmina: Zaara pashmina shawl *ice coffee*

It's all about the thighs

Ellantha Larsson of .:ellabella:.

I was out shopping this morning with Ellantha in an IM window. I ended up at Clawtooth, she was at !lamb. "I don't know why, but people keep mousing over to my avatar and like, staring," she said in puzzlement.

"Oh? What do you look like?" Ellantha hopped over to Clawtooth and I took a good look at her. "Aha. It's because you look AWESOME." Then I made her come to my photo sphere to photograph for the blog today, her outfit won over mine hands-down.

So Ella, are you a Harpinista ?


***Poses: [LAP] - Chub-Aw Cheese, [LAP] - The Elusyve PR4
***Hair: Magika Hair - Delilah - Brown 1 (edited)
***Eyes: [Plastik]VaeColl.-RajahSea (eyes)
***Tattoos: [U] Eternity Awaits *Dark* by iNFLiCT (tats)
***Piercings: .:ellabella:. Life's a Rainy Circus (personal piercings)
***Footsies: Tokushi Avatars - Qwhilla feets
***Dress: * =DeLa*= Knit dress with belt "Lindy" Brown
***Socks: .:ellabella:. Fading fuzz socks
***Collar: Wink*L Steampunk Collar (part of an outfit)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Copper Meow


Posting between jobs. I have a new corset from Shadenfreude, and it's copper and gorgeous and full of cats.

***Eyes: Poetic Color eyes autumn - oak
***Piercings: Flipside mouth attach 5, nose attach 3
***Jeans: ~momo~ polkadot jeans (black)
***Hair: !lamb - Egomaniacal - Twix
***Skin: Tuli Bella (pale/li) vip group gift
***Corset & tattoo: Schadenfreude Copper Cat Corset & forearm tats

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Of Spanish Leather?


I was reminiscing with Siddean about her first boot, the Angelina. I still have the fatpack of this in my inventory somewhere, and I smiled to remember how it took the bloggy world by storm. Siddean's new boot, the Sydney, is such a gorgeous evolution from her old style. It's just as sleek, and shows the new tech of sculpting the entire boot to dangle from the calf attachment point instead of calf and foot. This creates a seamless look, and works so well with this kind of boot.

My coat and shirt are new, adorable releases from BettiePage Voyager. The shirt actually has sculpted parts, but works well under the jacket without them. I love the artistry of these pieces, both the shadowy depths and realism of the fabric, and the perfect integration of the prim bits. I feel lucky to be wearing these today!



***Hair: Sari's HIppie-Dee-Doo dreads brown (decorated)
***Skin: Plastik Miliana CinnamonRoll Abuse
***Socks: Shiny Things Stripe Knit thigh highs - black
***Shirt: BettiePage** botta shirts/black
***Jacket: BettiePage** denim jacket/indigo
***Skirt: Plastik SephiraDenim PinnBlack
***Boots: SLink Sydney Overknee boot black

Monday, November 16, 2009

Squirrel Season

Leather Gloomy Suit LE from ~silentsparrow~

There might just be a limited edition hunt at ~silentsparrow~, and the store might have exactly one more hunt event left -- tonight! If you are in the ~silentsparrow~ group you'll get a notice about the hunt, and the sim immediately fills with happy hunters seeking small colorful squirrels. Allegory was kind enough to hunt for me (because I was at a meeting during the first round, and teaching class during the second, ewww RL). If you aren't part of the group, simply watch for the green dots to fill the sim… These gorgeous Gloomy Suits in a variety of colors are 450L during the hunt. I hear there are extremely rare white ones too...


As Acha as you wanna be


I kind of like waking up to dresses named Acha, especially by people named Ghanima. Apparently to Miss Uriza, the appropriate garb for someone named Acha consists of a very fluffy lolita dress with impeccable prims and subtly patterned fabric. I can live with that! I admit that the fabric is my fault. I wanted to see something slightly different in fabric depth than Ghanima's other designs, and when I mentioned this to her, she was off like a prize stallion. Are we to expect more varied fabric from Blue Blood? I suspect so! I can't wait to see what the outfits will look like.

[10:39] Ghanima Uriza: acha also means axe in my country :P totally fit for a strong girl like yourself!


***Skin: Pink Fuel Raine Cream Dolly Tears Red
***Necklace: Violet Voltaire Black Hearts Mechanica
***Shoes: Wishbox Bridal Maryjanes
***Frock: Blue Blood Acha dress in red
***Hair: ::69:: DOLLY GIRL 02 - fieryred -

Sunday, November 15, 2009

By my boots and breaches


Ah, I shouldn't be letting my boy avatar out of the box as much as I am; he invariably gets into trouble. I blame Allegory for more blog posts as boy-me, however; she said that the feed needs more boy type eyecandy, and so here he is as a steampunk lad. The look is inspired by the wonderful new boots by DP**yumyum, shiny and size-scripted and in a variety of wonderful neutral colors to suit any kind of steampunk ensemble (they also come in a knee boot variety!). These pants by Arcavim were the perfect shade for the shoes, and I cheated and put on a matching DP**yumyum shirt to go under the beautifully drawn, drapey Pig vest. Pls to ignore the moobs, ok? Pretend he's just very muscular.

The hair is a new boy style from Calico Ingmann Creations. I put on a more manly skin than I'd been wearing so that the soft drapes didn't make me look too girly; but I really like the contrast between the soft hair and the skin. (The widow's peak actually comes from the Nomine skin.) Okay, back into the box with him!


***Shape: Rock Candy Kiba Male Shape
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan Male China White - plain sideburns
***Tattoos: No longer available :( Bleeding Ink Tattoos
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Grant Burnt Chocolate
***Shoes: **DP**yumyum classic belt short boots in dark gray
***Shirt: DP**yumyum linen pullover (brown) just the shirt part; and um, it has boob shading, I'm totally cheating.
***Vest: 50L Friday item from Pig, draped vest J Arizona Mud
***Pants: Arcavim Striped Noble Trousers Gold
***Bracelet: Curious Kitties Kawan Bracer