Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Now I kind of want to UNdress for it"


Noam Sprocket and I went on a small excursion to Winterstock. It was fun. ( Taxi to Winterstock )


On Noam:
***Antlers by Artilleri sold in the winterstock sim.
***Goggles by Fade Dana, sold in her Hat Mechanic stores.
***Swim trunks were a group gift in august from VITAMEN. Even though it's an old group gift, check out VITAMEN if you haven't. It's a great underpants store.
***Tan lines also from VITAMEN.
***Skin: Goro from DenDou <3
***Hair: By noam, not for sale.

On Acha:
***Hair: Gritty Kitty: Zombie Dreads - liquorice
***Manties: Emery Boxer Spring #Black
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Boho Sandals
***Tattoos: HUZ Henna Tattoos
***Skin: Plastik Vaelian Pastel Stain

Plasticine huz?


There's been some discussion lately about how much or little people should photoshop their blog pictures. Honestly -- if you don't like how someone else does it, write your own blog where you do it your way. In the interest of sharing, here's what I do:

(1) I never touch up my avatar's image or photoshop anything onto it that shouldn't be there. I photograph the image of myself against a bluescreen, and I use Caliah Lyon's light settings. Aside from that, the image is What You See Is What You Get.

(2) I then put the un-retouched image of myself against a random texture background that I make. The image of ME is still totally unchanged. Sometimes I add a slight glow or shadow to bring out the image more.

Onto the important part, the outfit. It's pretty simple today. Skin is by Plastik, another of her awesome Vaelian skins for boys; the tattoo is by HUZ, beautiful tentacle scales! Boy-me totally went shopping for boxers in the buff earlier today due to a lack of underpants. I'm such a n00b! :D

***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Romeo in Steel
***Tattoos: HUZ custom scales - tintable
***Skin: Plastik Vaelian Elven Cream Plain
***Pantsu: Wicked Tattoo and Clothing Spin Me Boxers

Aaaand back to blogging


While I wasn't looking, my inventory blossomed with all manner of beautiful things. Skin Fair sprang upon me unawares, and I've happily donned the Idiosyncrasy skin that Ashia created for the event. I love best about her makeup that it looks like her art -- slightly sepia-toned, gorgeously freckled, with hand-drawn lips and brows that make the skins look like vintage actresses. I'm wearing a big frock over it, Draconic Kiss's new release, the poison apple. The frock comes with white and black prims in the same folder, and looks like an elegant evolution of Snow White. Drac's primes are always amazing -- I especially love the shrug and sleeves in this set.

Last but not least, many kittens were spared when Bubbles sent me some review copies of this hair. I love it! It's the perfect neat updo for a high-collared dress.


***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Hyasynths in black
***Hair: Clawtooth By Clawtooth CBC Mrs. Mittens mit Marshmallow kitten
***Skin: Idiosyncrasy Mia Exotic 3
***Dress: Draconic Kiss Poison Apple frock in Sapphire (read more about it here)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Support Designers

Note from Acha: Thank you to everyone. This is the last post that I'll be publishing for this series, and I appreciate all of the comments I've gotten (positive, negative, confusing, all of it). I'll let Rebel and RH have the last word.


RH Engel: It's very discouraging to find someone making a profit from an item that you, yourself, made. Content creators put a lot of themselves into their work. Creating some items may take days, making the textures, then putting it all together, using the clothing templates, making sure the seams match, building a house, making sure all the repeats are correct, making sure the prims don't overlay causing flicker, making sure you have the best poses for furniture, taking the pictures for the ads.

It's very easy to just want to give up and stop creating when you have been ripped off. Why take the time and why work so hard to create something that is special, when someone is going to come along and rip it off.

What will happen as time goes on and we lose all the talented content creators and the only people selling content are the people who stole everything they sell? You won't get that custom color you might want. You won't get those special flowers for your wedding. You won't get that perfect accessories custom made for your house.

Support Second Life Content Creators before they all leave SL.


Rebel Hope:


You are a content creator in Second Life and you've made it your business for almost five years. Imagine one day you receive a box full of items you have created over the last almost five years with full permissions on them. Imagine them being passed out across the grid for free with full permissions. Imagine trying to sleep knowing that your business is about to be flushed down the toilet. Imagine telling your kids that things are going to be really tight because mom's business is not doing well because people steal her stuff and give it away for free. Imagine your child coming to give you a hug because you get emotional about what is happening to the beautiful things you create. That child telling you, "Everything is going to be ok, mom, you'll see".

I challenge those who are stealing the beauty from second life....stop for a moment and think about who you might really be destroying. If you have one ounce of a human feelings inside of you please stop to think for one moment that this may not be ok to do.

For me, I'm not bowing down to the content theft in Second Life and I will not stop fighting for what I've worked so hard to accomplish. I will not lie down and let someone walk all over my dreams, talent, and love for creating. I'll be here creating in Second Life until its last breath or my last log in to chase that dream I created that crazy day in early February 2005. To think of that first shop in Durango so tiny yet so big filled with three items that people actually came and bought. You will not take that away from me, it's not yours to take. You can find me on Monarch Bay or one of our Woodshed sims creating and making things that I love to make. I'll be here helping support and educate people regarding content theft and I will lay my head down at night knowing that I did my very best today.

We can imagine a better future for Second Life and we can make it happen.

Rebel Hope
Rebel Hope Designs, Inc.
Woodshed Furniture

Support Designers


Evangeline Miles: My work in Second Life is my bread and butter. It's what I do for a living. No, it's not a huge amount of money, and when you consider the hours which go into the careful construction of an original quality product, you'd have to acknowledge that most creators are doing it for the love of creating, as much as the relatively tiny wages we receive. But when someone copies my content, or even the design, without ripping off the actual textures or prims, it's like reaching into my purse and taking out my weekly grocery money, or the cash I've set aside the pay the electrical bill. You wouldn't steal someone's handbag, or help yourself to the contents of their home. Please consider how distressing it is, when our hard work, and our heart, are taken in an instant and exploited. Thank you, to everyone who has ever altered me to copies of my work in the wider SL community. Your eyes and ears are invaluable to us. :)


Krissy Muggleston: As a Second Life resident and consumer, I fear the thieves. They are jeopardizing everything I have come to know and love in this virtual world. They are not only stealing from the content creators, but they are also stealing the quality from my existence here. My biggest fear yet is that all of the truly skilled and crafted creators will throw their hands up and walk away. When I think about Second Life five years from now, will I still be here? It all depends on the thieves. I hope they don't drive away those key aspects of SL that make it so virtual.

Support Designers

[Note: This is the third-to-last post; we are fast approaching the end of this series. My last post is going to be a heart-felt one from Rebel Hope and RH. I felt it was fitting that they end this series, considering their recent copybotting experiences.]


Lola79 Hienrichs: I personally haven't dealt with content theft and I wouldn't have the fainted idea what to do if put into the situation. I have seen some of my best friends who are also content creators undergo some stressful times. While standing outside a store my friend and I witnessed her store get copybotted completely by a cryolife user. At that time we didn't have a cryoban system installed on the sim but after that incident I helped her attain a copy. When people say that copybotting doesn't hurt they don't realize how much trouble and heartache it brings to somebody. She thought her store was so small that nobody would ever do that to her, but it doesn't matter who you are, people will do horrible things to you. So I hope that those of you over the past few days have listened to both sides and made your own decisions on content theft. Please remember to support designers, without you we can't make all the pretty things that make your, and our, SL so wonderful.


There are two issues that come to mind for me when the topic of content theft comes up. And in true Lizzie style, ha, I would like to share my thoughts with you as well.

The first issue is software piracy. I think it's important to bring up this issue because I feel as though at times software piracy is brushed by the wayside. At times when I bring up the subject I often get the response "well that doesn't effect SL or The Lab can't do anything about it." And this may be true but does it really not effect us in second life? I think it reflects a person's value system in regards to the works of others and it's often justified by such statements as "well Adobe is a corporate entity, who am I harming." But someone created this software and yes, its not a mom and pop shop anymore but it's still theft. So readers, content creators and whoever else might be looking at this blog at this moment, if you have a bit torrented copy of Photoshop or Maya on your computer right now please considered deleting it. Because theft is theft.

I also see a lot of talk about content theft for profit but what I think is the most harmful is what I call "vengeful theft". Party 1 makes Party 2 angry so to get back at Party 1, Party 2 decides to copybot their stuff. And yes maybe its never distributed or sold but it's still theft and I question the integrity of any person who does this. Its personal and its abusive.

In closing I would like to say this: I support any peaceful protest that gives the person a feeling of empowerment or control over an issue that is important to him or her. I am in Artist's Voice and I support both my members who are boycotting and those who aren't. Because the way I look at any voice is better than no voice at all.

Support Designers


Launa Fauna: The worst part about content theft is the fear and panic I see a lot of people experience when their item is ripped. Their whole business flashes before their eyes. The one thing I always remember is that my brand is more than just the items it sells. It's the customer service, the promise of quality items, and the shopping experience. Lots of people buy knockoff designer bags in the real world, but the guy on the street isn't your friend. In fact, he's kind of creepy and smells like cheap cologne and pee... No street vendor can replace the security of shopping somewhere you trust. They can take your creations, but they can't take who you are as a creator.


Dakota Lubitsch: Don’t steal other people’s work, okay? A few dollars aren’t worth destroying a person’s income. That’s what a high quality skin or a fatpack of hair costs. A few dollars. The price of a burger or a movie ticket. There are people out there whose Real Life depends on the money they make in Second Life. There are people who spend hours in front of the computer to make a piece of clothing, and you take it all away in a few seconds. It’s not right, and it’s not fair. If you want skins, clothes or hair, buy some L$ or learn how to create yourself.

Support Designers


Helena Stringer: I have been hit myself by thieves. My first time was only 4 months into my sl design career. Been hit a few more times after, that I know of, and have had designs copied, which is still a theft in my eyes.

There was a time not so long ago, I was getting 2-3 notecards a week with stolen content being found. Not always in my field either. It always made me sad and angry, but I'd do my best to try to find out who's stuff it was, and inform Linden Labs in all ways posibble. The one that really broke my heart was a Last Call outlet chain of stores, selling Ginny's Full Permed.

I'd say the best way to support Original Designers in sl would b to stay aware, help those new people, they have no clue about these things. To the designers, just keep doing what you are doing. It's going to happen in some way, some time , if your big or small, don't let it destroy your dreams.


Milla Michinaga: As far as I'm aware none of my stuff has been copybotted. However, I did have somebody hack my store cards and then buy up my whole inventory. I felt awful after that, and I can only imagine how much worse it must feel to have your stuff stolen and distributed around.


Sheltered Heart: It's disheartening to see something that you have spent hours working on for sale under someone else's name. I can't say I have been to the point of turning away from SL because of content theft, we have had a good many items stolen but nothing like some, who have had their entire inventory taken and spread all over the grid. I can see in the future some designers are going to feel creating in SL not worth the effort with the economy what it is and their items being ripped left and right. If you're already not big money with fat lawyers you're kind of screwed in the theft department and it's always going to be an issue in Second Life, even if LL steps in. Someone, somewhere will always find a way to rip something off, so goes Rl and SL. Best most can do, be it designers or consumers, is to be knowledgeable and support the designers whether you're a customer or kin.

Support Designers


Draconic Lioncourt: I've been luckier then others when it comes to the theft issue. I haven't had my entire store raped several times over like some people I know. When it does happen though, it sucks hard. I get so angry and I feel so violated and helpless over the fact that there really isn't anything I can do to protect against it. I try not to let that affect me but I would be lying if I said it didn't. It's hard to want to make something when you get paranoid that it is just going to be taken. It breaks my heart when I see my friends suffer from it as well. Good people and GOOD designers are essentially being driven off SL from it all. I realize I have no real solutions but there are some good ideas out there and some not so good ones. Either way at least people are recognizing the problem and making an effort to stop it. That's what's important right now. Support your designers, they need all the encouragement they can get right now!


Shelly Toonie: You know, content theft has happened to so many of my friends. We all put so much into what we do here..our work is part of who we are. And to find that something is worthless in the blink of an eye is just so disheartening.

I don't know what the perfect solution is--I've heard some fantastic ones tossed around. There is no quick fix for this so I think we all need to remember we're in this for the long haul. Awareness--designers, bloggers, I've heard most of us say "I'm a hermit" Make sure you talk to each other..make sure you know what, who, how things are being copied. Get out of our comfort zones and talk, educate.

Working Together--Stay focused. We're not all right; we're not all wrong. We ARE all on the same side. Really those things are so vital.

Support Designers


Rev Eponym: It's very simple. If SL gets the rep as being a place where you can get your creations copied, then all the good creators will leave. And no more will show up. In a few months, the whole grid will be full of whatever full-perm stuff is already out there, all the existing crap, and nothing else. That'll reduce the copied material to the level of freebie trash. A grid-wide 'freebie paradise', with no alternatives for those willing to spend a few real dollars for quality. Is that what you want?


Mourna Biziou: I'm not a content creator, but I have dear friends who are, and it tears my heart out every I see them dealing with it when their content is stolen.

In a culture of lowered accountability like SL, some theft is going to be inevitable. Some things that we can do is to make it try and make theft socially unacceptable within our peer groups, and educate new players (who many times don't know where that random box of hair came from.) And of course suppport your favorite content creators, by buying from them! I don't have the answers, I wish I did. Every time we lose a content creator who tires of battling this, a little piece of our beauty as a whole is lost.


Sanura Snowpaw: While I have never been stolen from I did have my items up on that fake xstreet site it was like a kick in the gut. I think we should all try to educate ourselves and those around us, We need to realize we are all in this together. When a creator sits down to create something they are putting pieces of their hearts and souls into pixel for for all of us to enjoy, they are the heart and soul of Second Life without them where would we be? Without the content creators we will be left with the default everything. Remember when you razzed in world for the first time? Or what about that totally awesome total avatar you used to win all the Halloween parties this year? Those would cease to exist. There would be no Eiffel Tower to sky dive off with out the content creators our world would be bland and quite frankly empty.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Support Designers


Aikea Reiko: Over the past few years on Second Life, I have seen, heard, and discussed why content theft on Second Life is bad and immoral and could lead to the end of original content creation.

Considering all of the people connected to this issue, everyone has their own opinion and can make this situation very in-depth and overly-complicated. The first and main thing that content theft does is take the hard work and creativity that someone has poured hours, days, and even weeks into and strip it of its meaning to a great degree and even make those object worthless in others' eyes.

Designers in Second Life rely on this universe we've created to supplement the real life we live in. Designers take their work very seriously (as they should), as it is their personal job to create new and innovative content.

For people like me, it is a job I LOVE doing, something I look forward to every day. You do not always have to start off as a designer either, just with the idea to make the universe of Second Life more beautiful for others, to simply make your friends happy and even to create something for someone that they may value as art.

Content theft itself could be considered an act of terrorism and less of an act of stealing for profit with the harm it creates and spreads around. An excuse of not being aware of the issue should not be enough anymore.

Please support your original content creators. We work hard to make things that you will value, things that make your Second Life more beautiful.

Support Designers

How do I get into this series? Um, it's as easy as IMing "Achariya Maktoum" in-world and having something to say about content theft written up in a notecard. Then, you have to wait until I am not feeding or playing with my toddler to get your photo taken. Pretentious and elite, no? *g*


Roslin Petion: My business partner and I have experienced content theft and I know first hand how disheartening that experience can be. I also know about the difficulties in communicating with Linden Labs and getting something done about a theft. Nobody agrees on every point about content theft and ip issues. I know that I personally have moments where I'm conflicted about just where the lines should be drawn. After all, Second Life is a part of a new frontier both legally and ethically. What I do think we all can agree on is that there needs to be much more constructive discussion taking place between all of us; content creators, residents, and Linden Labs. We must come together and find a common ground on which to lay a strong foundation now or we risk squandering the potential of Second Life.


Ellantha Larsson: Here's my two cents: just don't do it, mmkay? Just say no to drug.... er.. copybotting! And buy yer friend's shit. That is all. XD

Support Designers


Elusyve Jewell: I really wonder about the kind of person one must be to justify stealing and profiting from another's work. What lack of value and morals must one have, and how ugly and greedy one's spirit.


Lordfly Digeridoo: So here's the thing. Copyright infringement is going to happen. I suppose it's inevitable, given that anyone on the internet can make digital copies of... well, anything, as many times as they want, forever. The sweat and blood and tears and cursing of the creator usually has no bearing on whether or not someone is going to yoink a song, or a picture, or a book.

And really, there aren't very many of us that are entirely innocent on copyright infringement. Do you have permission to use that picture of a kitten for a LOLCAT? How many mp3s on your 160 gig iPod are actually legal? Did you cite the article you reposted on your blog?

But here's the rub - somewhere along the lines, someone actually created that work of art you're just casually copying. Not stealing, copying. On one hand, that's not so bad - you're enjoying the artist's work, which, if he's an actual artist, might appreciate on some level. However, appreciation alone doesn't pay the bills, and instead tends to make one very hungry. The very best artists? Well, they're dirt poor. Think about that the next time you fire up a pirate viewer and yank out 20 gigs of content from a sim.

So really, if you enjoy sampling someone's art, and use it daily, think about dropping them some coinage. SL stuff isn't expensive. Houses sell for five bucks. A luxurious dress, $2.50. It won't hurt your bank account, I swear. And it might make the difference between starvation and survival for the guy breaking his back for your enjoyment.

Support your artists. Buy their stuff.

Support Designers


Noam Sprocket:


Iris Ophelia: So we're in the middle of a pandemic of H1N1, and while there is a vaccine, there's no cure for plain old influenza. Every flu season, the emphasis in fighting it is put on the community. There are massive campaigns to inform everyone about what the signs are and how to take appropriate care to avoid catching and spreading it-- wash your hands and everything like that... We know the whole spiel. Content theft is really at epidemic levels right now, and the problem only seems to be spreading. Just like in preventing the spread of a virus, it's really in the hands of everyone who could be exposed-- that's all of us-- to be educated. Maybe we can't outright stop it, but we can learn to identify it, act against it, and take responsibility for supporting legitimate artists, we can manage it-- together, as an informed community.


Belochka Shostakovich: Have I experienced content theft myself as a creator? Not as far as I know in the short time I've been making. Might I have contributed to it in ignorance when I joined two years ago? It's entirely possible. Whilst there are those that do it for a variety of deliberate reasons; the biggest thing for me is to fight ignorance. No-one handed out a notecard on the first day saying "this is how it is and this is what you should look out for". Share your knowledge, tell people. Saying that no-one cares is such a generalization. I didn't know back then but I care now. Teach, share, learn. That's why I joined the Step Up! campaign. To try and reach those that don't know.

I've seen friends, and heard of much admired creators, go through the fallout of content theft. It steals more than items. It takes away passion to create, confidence in wanting to design and trust. Let the designers know you care about what they make, because it does matter that you do care and that you enjoy it, and it's a pleasure for us all to share that.

Support Designers


Lavea Alter: A-BOMB has been fortunate enough to not have content stolen (as far as we know). However, it's something that's always in the back of our minds. Hours are spent making outfits, shoes, etc...real life hours. There's also the time spent managing the shops and coming up with new ideas with Addison and Caterina. It is sickening to think that in a matter of seconds, someone can just take what we've worked so hard on and copy it to make a fast buck. It's unfortunate, but there isn't an aspect in life, first or second, that is devoid of unethical people. I think the most important thing we can do is to not let those people ruin the experience for us, report them for their theft, and explain content theft to the new players.


Ghanima Uriza: I have personally loved this series of posts. Silence in the blogs doesn't really share a message, because you cannot force people to be silent while demanding that content creators' honest work is respected, but also because I believe there is SO much that we could all say about this issue. When in RL does keeping our mouths shut about a problem solve anything? That would be as silly as putting content theft in a box and hide it deep in the back of your head so it doesn't bother you. Achariya, I believe your posts today have been most tasteful and you have shown a huge variety of opinions on this matter.

I personally agree with something I read on the posts: want to support original content? Then don't feed the market of stolen content. If something is stolen don't buy it, buy instead from the original creator. A few linden might be not worth much IRL, but please bear in mind that creator spent hours over the computer painting and creating what you are getting for those cents. I support no transactions for today 100%! because we suffer content theft in our hearts and pockets every time someone chooses to pay half for a stolen dress/hair/skin instead of the original. And also, since LL gets commission of every stolen item that gets sold through Xstreetsl, I also support no xstreet transactions for today!

Thank you for offering me a place to voice my opinion.

Support Designers


Solange Cerveau: I've been ripped, copybotted, copied at least a dozen or more times. Pieces of outfits, entire outfits, you name it. It hurts like hell in a way the thieves probably don't even understand. Each time it makes me a little more jaded, a little more cynical and, while I try to not let it affect me and my creativity, in the end it does and I'm less productive.

What I don't want to see is to have all the different ideas on how to make a statement or protest drive us apart, because we are really all working towards the same goal. Don't let the disagreements on how best to protest drive a wedge between us. Let's celebrate the idea that we ARE all of one mind on this, no matter how what manner of protest we choose. Support original content in SL.


Kala Bijoux: Second Life content creation is my job. No, it does not pay terribly well. No, there are no health benefits. But I get to work at this part time and spend more time with my kid than I might be able to otherwise. AND I get to create things and make things, which I LOVE. I always have about 400 million more ideas than I have time to do. (Which doesn't even count the projects I've started and never finished.)

Content theft hurts content creators. Not only the lost sales revenue, but the time it takes to deal with the theft and file the DCMA and open tickets with LL and then sometimes they still have to do that ALL over again to get the stuff finally wiped. The best way to support content creators is to buy their legit stuff. And report to the original creator when you see them being ripped off.


Fade Dana: I'll let Kala go first then I can copybot her answers.

Achariya Maktoum: Damn, you look so cool, Fade.

Achariya Maktoum copybots your look.

Fade Dana: Thanks, it's all stolen :D just kidding. Go Kala, i got my pen ready.

Support Designers


Strawberry Singh: SL is not a game. The people behind these avatars have blood coursing through their veins, and real emotional and financial investments here. These are not just some pixels that you can easily rip off from. Being very ill with h1n1 for the past week and having to write out an informal will/letter to my family about contacting loved ones in my virtual life in case anything were to happen to me was incredibly surreal. But I realized that it needed to be done because the consideration and thought we put forth for the people in our RL should also be applied to the people in our SL. In RL thievery is punishable by law; people risk losing the luxury of freedom for committing such a crime. It's a shame that the long arm of the law does not yet reach to virtual worlds to hold low-life criminals who hide in Second Life accountable for their misdeeds. Thieves need to be stopped. I hope you will stand with me in support of legitimate content creators. ♥


I'm happy to help out today to get people's voices heard, whether for or against the various movements. Please poke me if you have something to say, all views are welcome.

Support Designers


SarahTheRed Aurbierre: Intellectual property theft is far more personal than just stealing stuff like a like a lawnmower. It's more than just things; it's something you've created, but time and energy into, and invariably put pieces of your soul into. It's very personal, and very valuable. While it may be harder to track than physical objects, it still carries the same weight. Imagine what would happen to our society if we suddenly stopped creating art, or inventing technology.

Buying stuff seems the obvious answer to how to support content creators. However I think it goes further -- we also need to be aware of who creates what we wear and use. No, we don't have to be friends with everyone, but get to know their work, and recognize what makes it uniquely theirs, and why it has worth.


Faery Sola: I've never been stolen from, but I put so much of myself into what I do, I'd be devastated to find my work ripped. Education is the only way to stop it. Appealing to peoples common decency & making theft in general, wether it be of peoples work or of software, socially unacceptable in SL.

Support Designers


SySy Chapman: I have never been copybotted on a large scale myself, but friends of mine did and I know the devastation it can bring. I think focussing on education and make people aware of whats going on, can actually bring us a long way. I applaud the initiative being taken today, but decided to focus on awareness and show support for ORIGINAL content. Achariya is doing a great job with that like this! For the rest, it's business as usual for me today.

Read more of her ideas here.


Akasha Divisadero: I support all the designers, but I am here today for a dear friend who is not a fashion designer. I support the ban and respect your decision as well. It pains my heart to know that she is constantly filing DMCAs. Time has shown that content theft has gotten worse, and my hope is that through education and awareness things will change for the better.

Support Designers


AliannaMarie GossipGirl: Designers should be supported against content theft by not only encouraging people to report stolen items, but also spread awareness about content theft in general. It breaks my heart to hear about designers getting ripped off by people who clearly cannot think about anyone but themselves. Content creators work hard to bring quality goods to everyone, so it's up to EVERYONE on the grid to stand together and fight, any way they can. A little bit from everyone can accomplish a lot.


Teagan Blackthorn: Designers work hard on their creations with many hours, sometimes days and weeks, going into the work of a single item. This is their art, their creations, and to have someone steal that is gut-wrenching and the biggest form of disrespect. My worry is that the cycle of theft will push designers to lose their drive to create. Through educating each other about the impact of theft and how to detect stolen items, we can spread awareness to help abolish this problem.

I was trying to put together an outfit of legit items I knew have been stolen in the past. All but my lashes and ring have been. It is sad that most of these items I'd bought or received as gifts from the designers after they were stolen from them…

Support Designers


Nivaya Barbosa: There will always be someone, somewhere, who wants to get things in SL without paying for them, who wants to profit from the talent, creativity and hard work of others, often just because they 'can'. The best thing that we, as consumers, can do, is fight to spread awareness of this problem, and offer original content creators all the support and thanks that we can, every day


Phire Zuhra: I have watched the birth of content is SL by friends and it is never an easy process. I have also been there through the frustration and anger when that hard work has been stolen. No one should ever have to feel like that....EVER. Don't try to kid yourself content theft is theft plain and simple.

Support Designers


Zaara Kohime: I'm really glad that LL provides us a platform to be creative and even earn from that - of course i would wish for myself and every other content creator that they would protect our content more. I believe the joy of customers keeps me going in making new products.


Ryker Beck: Content theft is an important issue, and should most definitely be addressed to the best of all of our abilities. Supporting true creators, being on the lookout, dispensing educational materials, attending Linden office hours to press the issue, there are many, many things that can be done to proactively combat content theft without causing more harm to the creators.

Support Designers

Kellie and Terry support the November 5th ban. This space is for everyone to have their say, because nobody should be afraid to voice their opinion.


Kellie Iwish: I think content theft takes the pieces that we've put much of our time, energy, and being into, and devalues them. This makes a designer feel like their very worth is being devalued. I think this protest that starts today is an excellent way to support designers since it will (hopefully) lead to changes within Linden Lab's rules for acceptable viewers, which is really the only way to put the brakes on content theft.


Terry Toland: Content theft is a major issue, be it clothes, accessories, storylines, or anything else the human mind can impart to this world and others. That is why it is imperative for people to do *something* that they feel will help get this issue into the front-and-center spotlight, whether they will choose not to participate in commerce for a period of time or enthusiastically buy from original creators. Furthermore, whatever people choose to do, they must *not* vilify one another. ONe of the most hurtful things I have found in the recent protests of today are stating those that choose to forgo linden exchange are "boycotting creators". This is absolutely not the case, and people need to honestly consider intent while evaluating - without bias - the effects. Yes, there are some content creators who cannot handle no sales for an extended period of time- but how many can and what is the long term benefit for us all? While an extreme example, calling the protestors 'boycotters of content creation' and ones 'aiming to harm' store keepers is in the realm of calling pro-choice pro-abortion: it's looking at the effort through the wrong lens.

Support Designers: Buy Their Products


Samara Barzane: The best way to fight content theft is through channels AND to buy as much as you can afford from the original creators. Boycotts are for lettuce, not pixels!

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Nuala Shippe: Content creation is a real job, creators are real people, and content theft is real theft. You don't need to buy things to support creators - you can support their right to benefit from their hard work by not supporting thieves. ♥