Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hiatus for the month of October


On Hiatus: See you on 10/31/09 -- Halloween!

1,000 posts! (Okay, I'm up to 1,060)


The other day, I noticed that I'd completely spaced out on my 1,000th post on The 1,000th post in question was actually, perhaps fittingly, not of me at all but of Sven Okonomi. This made me ponder that my blog is coolest when I turn the focus of my lens away from myself and toward other, more worthy subjects, like everyone else. :D This has always been a motif in my blog, and one of the better parts of it. In honor of these posts that are not about me at all, I invited the people that had been featured on my blog to drop in and join me for a biiig group photo. A few couldn't make it, and I couldn't get good pictures of everyone (darn that lag!), but it was still totally fun. (See my 1,000 post flicker set over here. Also, MiaSnow took some lovely photos here, SanPierre over here, and Jessica over here.)

With thanks to: Khitten Kurka, Ellantha Larson, Dove Swanson, Sanpierre Juran, Rebel Hope, RH Engel, Allegory Malaprop, Terry Toland, Teagan Blackthorne, MiaSnow Myriam, Dove Swanson, Khitten Kurka, CodeBastard Redgrave, Suri Christen, Siri Woodget, Moodish Gossipgirl, Autumn Hykova, Sasy Scarborough, Carissa Crimson, Candy Cerveau, Saiyge Lotus, Aisuru Rieko, Calico Ingmann, Anya Ohmai, Brandy Rasmuson, Gabby Panacek, Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks, Elusyve Jewell, Apatia Hammerer, Elric Anatine, Aisuru Rieko, Persephone Paine, Siddean Munroe, Amyla Wakowski, Antonia Marat, Arianrhod Gehlbard, Samara Barzane, Fricka Morgath, Evangeline Miles, suetabulous Yootz, Lola79 Hienrichs, Laynie Link, Faery Sola, and Grady Echegaray, and especially hyasynth Tiramisu and Jessica Ornitz for allowing me to throw an event on their sim and for nurturing the sim cat all this time. <3

Click on Amyla's sexy tummy to see the Flickr set!

Tribal gryphon thing


Hahaha I just noticed that when I take photos and manipulate them in the blasting light from my cafe window, the colors end up being super-extra-bright, probably because my computer screen dims. I think my avatar became a tribal gryphon for this photo. She's in more new and old things. New includes this absolutely wonderful new hairstyle from The Stringer Mausoleum. It has dreads, feathers and small bird skulls, what more could one ask from hair?

I'm wearing it with the other ~silentsparrow~ picks reward item -- this beautiful corset of orange-embossed velvet. The skirt was an old So Many Styles hunt item, and the earrings are from one of my first hunts in SL, the one at /artilleri/. Gryphon boots from Lazy Places, and facial piercings are almost brand new from ellabella. I admit that I did a search for ORANGE in my inventory and put on what I found ... Later tonight I'll do one last post before my hiatus, but oh what a post it'll be. :D



***Skin: Curious Kitties Sajiahar - Orange
***Wings: Material Squirrel Krayl Demon Wings in Orange
***Bracelet: Curious Kitties Ribbon Bound Bracelet - Orange
***Necklace: Earthtones Han Hana Necklace, orange
***Earrings: /artilleriear/ glitter love *orange*
***Arm piercings: FlipSide Arm Bars
***Boots: Lazy Places Gryphon boots, orange
***Stockings: Shop Sey Line Stockings Orange
***Skirt: So Many Styles Button Skirt Orange
***Tattoo: Etchd Happy Halloween ancient group gift, no longer around
***Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum Hoodoo - snow
***Facial piercings: ellabella no rain here - full
***Corset: ~silentsparrow~ Squashies! pick reward corset

My cup's half full, but my mind is empty


~silentsparrow~ updated Picks rewards! The new one is an orange corset (not shown) and orange and black tank with a Squashie face on it (shown). I love this doodled pumpkin so much that I'm going to wear it until it falls off my avatar all rotten! Along with it, bright and pretty, is one of the new hairstyles from SLink, the Fiona. Siddean and I both have size-60 heads, so every hairstyle from this shop immediately fits my large, round egghead. I'm lucky.

Orange and teal suit each other so well, eh? I am wearing a mixture of old and new items for this last GASP of posting before my month-long hiatus. Passionate Neko Dreams has its Halloween shop open already, and it contains a number of awesome things, such as this set of neko ears and tail with little pumpkins all over it. I also own an adorable pumpkin with kitty ears from this shop, perfect for decorating one's land. ...Next up, the ~silentsparrow~ orange corset...



***Ears and tail with pumpkins on 'em: Passionate Neko Dreams
***Nails: Schadenfreude Azure Glitter Manicure
***Bracelet: Violet Voltaire Lollipop Guild Orange
***Mask: Hat Mechanic Jet Head Mask Orange
***Boots: *katat0nik* Ghostfire Boots (teal)
***Scarf: Thimbles No One Will Ever Love You - scarf - orange
***Pants: GothiCatz Blackout pants from the outfit set
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ crowjane tattoo
***Skin: Nomine China dollskin seamed - vamp
***Top: ~silentsparrow~ Squashies! tank top -- pick reward!
***Hair: SLink Fiona in bright red

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome Great Pumpkin (4/4)


...They keep the writer in the solarium to give her a bit of sun. She creeps among the broken pots, tending to the compost heap, which consists of things the birds leave. Occasionally someone forgets to shut the door and she creeps into the shop. She will find an outfit, one or two, and escape with it, huddling over it in the snow. She wiggles into the brocade, rolls around on the embossed satin (this one with spiderwebs crawling across it like frost over the ice), snags the tulle against the glass shards and splinters. Then she stands with her arms crossed by the window, staring out into the snow. Eternal snow, even in the Autumn. And then the words inscribe themselves across the blank plains of her brain...



***Horns: Illusions Grumble Horns
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ Spider Queen - upstairs in the costume section
***Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ (ash) belladonna:lepidoptera
***Skin: Nomine female vampire - heretic
***Bracelets: LouLou&Co Bracelets Nostalgia ~black~
***Necklace: U&R Dogs Partita Necklace Legato
***Hair: Deviant Kitties Lainey - Silver

Welcome Great Pumpkin (3/4)


Happy October! A little early. I'm eating up the internets today in happy anticipatory posts, enjoying one last gasp of blogging before my self-inforced pause. I love October because it justifies wearing stuff like Dark Eden's pumpkin harness. Orange! Straps! Just in case the Great Pumpkin gets naughty? I don't know... Also, I get to randomly wield staffs (staves?). The last one was *katat0nik's* Pumpkin Queen, and this one is last year's October gift from October Rust -- pumpkin on a stick! The harness highlights Nomine's Doll skin, an excellent rendering of a ball-jointed doll with seams painted onto the skin. It's new for Halloween. (Here are my last two Halloweenish posts of the day!)


***Straps: Dark Eden Pumpkin Harness (Etain is about to put this out again :D )
***Hair: Schadenfreude Veronique
***Pumpkin on a stick: by October Rust, last Halloween's group gift
***Earrings: Schadenfreude Pumpkin Earrings
***Undies: ~momo~ Uma bra and panties in sea
***Tattoo: ~momo~ cupcakeheaven tattoo
***Shoes: Schadenfreude Jerry's Flight Lucent Heels
***Skin: Nomine China Dollskin Seamed - Vamp
***Eyes: Nomine Frankenskin Eyes

Welcome Great Pumpkin (2/4)


I'm kind of in love with Periquita's color-changing Lolipolita boots. The little bows change color, and the trim too, making them just right for that rare Halloween footwear option, nice orange boots. The fluffy witch outfit is from Zephi's Shop, and also has a cute little plaid skirt option. A great outfit for pumpkinifying one's land. By the way, I'm going to post like mad for the next twenty-four hours, so brace yourselves...


***Skin: Bounce Female Neko Skins (stripes) Orange
***Hair: Kin Koda orange
***Boots: Periquita Lolipolita boots w/ color changing hud
***Outfit: Zephi's shop Halloween Witch Dress (includes hat and a skirt option)

Welcome Great Pumpkin (1/4)


Hello, October! I won't be around next month due to a certain pressing deadline, so I'm trying to pay homage to the month in the last two days of September. Blue Blood's new Anya dress has a great prim skirt that balances out two October necessities, Schadenfreude's Lucent Batwing shoes and accompanying black (or white!) wings.


***Hair: House of Munster Fluffeh Black & White
***Skin: MIASNOW Goldess Skin
***Outfit: Blue Blood Anya in Ocre
***Shoes: Schadenfreude Jerry's Flight Lucent Heels
***Wings: Schadenfreude Lucent Batwing
***Tattoos: HUZ Intensity - original

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nymphetamine take deux


Oh noes, I'm posting in the same outfit twice! My first try with this Nymphetamine dress was in a shape and skin by GeEs, and because a few people have wanted to see ME again, this version is in as typical and Acha shape and skin as I own. I'm going to be missing out on October this year. *sigh*, so these last few days of September, I'm going to rock out with my pumpkins out.

Yes, friends and foes, I'll be on hiatus in October trying to put a big dent in my dissertation. (Dint in my densertation?) That means I'll be removing Second Life from my dock and ceasing to blog all month. *snuffle* Don't forget me, awright? In the words of a certain governor, I'll be Bach.


(More SLURLs here)
***Boobs: Ayumi cleavage 2.6 grayscale
***Hair: Kiss - Lily Medium - Midnight
***Skin: Boneflower Designs Deathly F Ebon Twilight Stalker
***Monocle: Guild of Crie Monokel dark knight clock
***Bracelet: Perturb/ation suggestive bracelet black
***Crown: Perturb/ation wink crown in white
***Tattoo: ~silentsparrow~ crowjane tattoos upper
***Dress: Nymphetamine Tre'Lace Formal Dress
***Shape: Ellabella Achariya shape
***Staff: katat0nik pumpkin staff from last halloween

S&S Expo: GeEs shape and skin


Hee hee. A friend said, "I'm having trouble finding your posts on the feed this week!" That's because I totally and completely don't look like me. Especially in this post, in which I'm wearing a number of things that I don't normally wear. The inspiration for the look is the avatar's shape -- she's GeEs Design's voluptuous and womanly Tara Reloaded, shape as well as skin.

Tara here isn't shy about her femininity, and her skin is so pretty around the bewb area that Nymphetamine's revealing but whimsical (new release!) ball gown shows off her assets like a starlet at the Oscars. There is a bit of Acha in there, the tattoo by Bleeding Ink Tattoos, the interestingly wispy hair from Maitreya. The dark dress could've been gothic, I suppose, but instead it's simply marvelously formal. I'll see you after the prom...


***Jewelry: Genesis Autumn Set
***Tattoos: Bleeding Ink Tattoos Henna A
***Dress: Nymphetamine Paeoti_Tre'Lace Formal Dress
***Shape and skin: GeEs Design Tara Reloaded
***Hair: Maitreya Zoe - Caramel
***Shoes: Pfft. I never wear shoes with ballgowns!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

1,051 posts; missed my 1,000 mark!


Sleepy Sunday morning, and my avatar is having an identity crisis. Today I'm in Savoir Faire Shapes' Mia shape, along with Belleza's group gift skin, the Jesse Deep Tan with cleavage. This is not a normal look for me at all, but I remembered that this is the joy of Second Life -- morphing around and trying things out. This avatar is tall and lush, and totally suits the lush skin. I try for cute with my normal avatar, but not this one -- she's all grown up.

I'm wearing a hat-with-hair that I got at the Jewelry Fair (this is the last weekend!) from the shop Rosenkavalier. I covet the rest of the items in this shop, they're gorgeous. I'm also wearing DoC Eldritch's beautifully cut Dark Wedding suit and standing about in Drowsy. My in-world screencap skillz aren't that great, so I've been practicing. Have good Sundays!


***Boots: (Shiny Things) Button Boots in black
***Necklace: (Shiny Things) Nighttime Gems in black
***Skin: Belleza Jesse Deep tan (group gift) cleavage ( Belleza @ the S&S Expo )
***Hair: Rosenkavalier Black hat & hair (darkolive)
***Shape: SavoirFaireShapes Mia Larger Breast Shape
***Outfit: DE Designs Dark Wedding Ladies
***Poses: Free*Style poses by Creamy Cooljoke